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Detailer's Helper Detailing Belt

Detailer's Helper Detailing BeltA message from Kevin Davis, developer of Detailer's Helper Belt and professional detailer:

My name is Kevin Davis, and Iím a professional detailer and paint correction specialist from Montana.

I developed The Patent Pending Detailerís Helper Tool Belt after trying to find a detailing tool belt that would not only hold the stuff I needed to hold, but would also be paint friendly. I couldnít find only one other belt on the market, and it was very expensive, only held their bottles, and much worse, it was covered in plastic, metal, and hard nylon. That surprised me and freaked me outÖthereís NO WAY Iíd put that belt near a car Iíd just spent 12+ hours polishing. So, I developed my own! What I discovered was that I never realized just how much I needed this belt until I started using it. I am unable to detail with out it. It makes me faster, safer, and more efficient on every detail I do.

n addition to polishing hot rods and exotics, I do a lot of RVs, planes, and boats, often requiring that Iím up on a ladder or scaffold. Keeping track of my polish and cleaning supplies was not only difficult, but often dangerous as I tried to reach them. I knew I needed a way to have all of those supplies close at hand, as well as a way to keep my buffer cord at bay. The Detailerís Helper Tool Belt solved all of those problems. It quickly became one of those tools that I canít live without when detailing cars, planes, boats, motorcycles, or anything else! Even though I use the belt in a professional detailing environment, even weekend warriors will love how handy it is, plus, it makes you look cool! Thank you so much for visiting and for supporting this endeavor, I know that youíll love the Detailerís Helper Tool Belt!