> Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt - Fine FREE BONUS

Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt - Fine FREE BONUS

For a Limited Time receive a 32 oz. bottle of DP Universal Clay Lubricant FREE with your purchase of this item! Retail Value $16.99.

A faster alternative to detailing clay

Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt is designed to replace conventional auto detailing clay for removing gloss-hindering contaminants from your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. Designed using distinctive Hex-Log Geo Impressions technology, Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt effortlessly erases brake dust, industrial fallout, road tar, paint overspray and bug splatter, leaving your vehicle’s paint smooth and ready for waxing. Fine grade is ideal for newer cars with light contamination.

Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt is a faster, safer alternative to using auto detailing clay to make your paint smooth. Unlike auto detailing clay bars, which are small, tacky and difficult to hold on to, Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt is a soft woven mitt that’s coated with a unique synthetic clay material that you wear like an oven mitt. It’s easy to use, and if you accidentally drop it onto the ground, simply rinse it off!

Chemical Guys Fine Grade Mitt is perfect for newer paint with light contamination

Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt leaves all hard exterior automotive surfaces as smooth as glass. Use on paintwork, wheels, chrome trim, plastic trim, exhaust systems and headlights. The Clay Eraser Mitt conforms to all contours on your vehicle to ensure all contaminants are completely removed.

One of the reasons Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt is so effective is the Hex-Logic design of the synthetic clay material. The Hex-Logic shapes help lift tiny micro-particles and contaminants away from the surface. The Hex-logic shape encloses the largest possible area while wasting no space in between them. Therefore the Clay Eraser Mitt is able to capture tiny particles and contaminants in the surface area that a traditional flat surface would not.

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Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt - Fine FREE BONUS

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Chemical Guys Clay Eraser Mitt - Fine FREE BONUS