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Think inside the box

Ready to wash your car the correct way, but don’t know where to begin? Begin with the CARPRO Wash Box. The CARPRO Box Wash is ideal starter kit for anyone who’s ready to give their car a proper wash. The CARPRO Wash Box comes with Reset Intensive Car Shampoo, Elixir High Gloss Quick Detailer, a hand microfiber wash mitt, a 2-face microfiber towel and a DHydrate drying towel. Clean your car and keep it clean longer by using the CARPRO Wash Box!

Items in this box:

Reset: Intensive Car Shampoo
CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo that is designed to gently release dirt and grime without damaging the underlying coating – ie: Cquartz or any other quartz-based nano coating. CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo is extremely concentrated; only an ounce of shampoo is required for an entire 5 gallon bucket of water! CARPRO Reset Intensive Car Shampoo creates mounds of thick suds that rinse cleanly off the vehicle.

Elixir: High Gloss Quick Detailer
CARPRO EliXir Quick Detailer was created to combine the incredible hydrophobicity of a ceramic coating with the quick and easy application of a quick detailer. The results you get out of CARPRO EliXir Quick Detailer are sure to completely change your perception of the capabilities of a quick detailer. CARPRO EliXir Quick Detailer provides an infinitely deep gloss that will leave your car looking like you spent the whole day laboring over it carefully. Not to mention that CARPRO EliXir Quick Detailer will make water bead and roll off your car at an alarming rate!

Hand Wash Microfiber Wash Mitt
CARPRO Hand Wash Microfiber Mitt is made from a dense, plush twin microfiber blend designed to safely remove surface contaminants from your paint during a wash. The synthetic microfiber blend traps dirt and debris and lifts them away from your surface to avoid washing induced swirls. With one half covered in this dense microfiber pile, and the other made with a mesh design, the CARPRO Hand Wash Microfiber Mitt is the perfect balance of weight and maneuverability for an effective wash!

2-Face Microfiber Towel
The 2-Face Microfiber Towel from CARPRO is an excellent towel for leveling coatings. The towels are edgeless and therefore won’t cause additional marring on the car. The towels themselves are soft, yet powerful, picking up road grime, dirt and other contaminants, while also being able to dry the car. And lint? Forget about it! These towels won’t leave behind any lint on your car’s surface.

Dhydrate XL Twisted Pile Drying Towel
The CARPRO Dhydrate Drying Towel will revolutionize your entire car drying process! The ease with which the CARPRO Dhydrate Drying Towel can engulf every drop of water on your vehicle will leave you so amazed you may need it to dry the drool off your chin!

In this box
1 x 500 ml. Reset: Intensive Car Shampoo
1 x 500 ml. Elixir: High Gloss Quick Detailer
1 x Hand Wash Microfiber Wash Mitt
1 x 2-Face Microfiber Towel
1 x Dyhdrate XL Twisted Pile Drying Towel

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