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CARPRO Kneeling Pad

CARPRO Kneeling PadGive yourself a cushioned break!

Make detailing a little easier on your back and knees with the CARPRO Kneeling Pad. Your body will thank you for the soft, foamy cushion of the CARPRO Kneeling Pad, rather than the hard cement or gravel you are used to standing on when detailing your car.

Car detailing is a long, ‘detailed’ process. Detailing may be restorative to your car, but it does some damage on your muscles and joints. Standing on concrete, gravel, grass or cement is harsh on your back, shoulders and legs. If there were a way to have some extra comfort in certain aspects of car detailing, wouldn’t that be a lifesaver? Or in this case, a back saver? This is where the CARPRO Kneeling Pad comes in for the win.

When you are kneeling for extended periods of time when cleaning and dressing tires, polishing trim, buffing lower panels of the car or what have you, instead of kneeling on the ground, hurting your knees, kneel on this foamy knee pad. Though it is called a ‘kneeling pad’ there are many other ways you can use this pad to your advantage. You can sit on it so that you are in comfortable, relaxed position to work. You can even lay on it get those panels that are practically underneath the car. You can even stand on it to have extra support for your feet.

Since the CARPRO Kneeling Pad is made of foam, it won’t conform to fit any imprint. Instead, it will be like new each time you use it. Plus, with its convenient handle, its easy to lift, rearrange and transport. You may just find the CARPRO Kneeling Pad so comfortable, that you’ll find yourself using it for other events and not just detailing!