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BLACKFIRE Compound & Polish Combo

BLACKFIRE Compound & Polish Combo

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The perfect BLACKFIRE and Buff & Shine Combo!

BLACKFIRE Compound & Polish Combo includes the new and improved formulas for both BLACKFIRE Compound and BLACKFIRE Polish, as well as two of Buff & Shine’s most popular pads. When used together, paint imperfections, swirls, scratches, and more will be buffed away in no time! Thanks to Buff & Shine’s advanced pad technology, these pads are in it for the long haul – more than enough time for your paint to shine like never before.

BLACKFIRE Compound & Polish Combo includes:

8 oz. BLACKFIRE Compound
BLACKFIRE Compound was developed using the latest German technology for OEM applications. It removes up to 1,000 grit sanding scratches on fresh paint and an impressive range of imperfections from cured paint finishes. Application is user-friendly with a dual-action orbital or rotary polisher. BLACKFIRE Compound is the first step in creating a head-turning shine!

8 oz. BLACKFIRE Polish
BLACKFIRE Polish uses nano-abrasives to remove 2500-3000 grit sanding marks on fresh paints and to correct mild imperfections on cured paints. These fine abrasives burnish the finish to an incredible gloss! BLACKFIRE Polish can be used to refine the paint after compounding or as a one-step shine enhancing polish.

6 inch Buff and Shine Blue Foam Light Polishing Pad
Buff and Shine Blue Foam Light Polishing Pads provide a slight amount of cut—just enough to activate the abrasives or cleaners in an all-in-one cleaner wax, finishing polish, or glaze.
6 inch Buff and Shine Yellow Foam Medium Cutting Pad
Buff and Shine Yellow Foam Medium Cutting Pads are composed of dense foam and provide a medium cut level. These pads are capable of correcting moderate to heavy swirl marks and scratches.

Kit Includes:

8 oz. BLACKFIRE Compound
8 oz. BLACKFIRE Polish
6 inch Buff and Shine Blue Foam Light Polishing Pad
6 inch Buff and Shine Yellow Foam Medium Cutting Pad
Foam Pad Conditioning Brush

A total retail value of $77.96. You save $29.97!

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BLACKFIRE Compound & Polish Combo