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Pinnacle Black Label Synergy

The element of shine

Simply amazing is the only way to describe the fluid, shimmering gloss that Black Label Synergy - the first and only paste wax that fuses nano-glass ceramic particles with No. 1 Brazilian Carnauba Wax - imparts on your vehicle. Formulated using the same nano-glass ceramic particles found in Black Label’s line of Diamond Surface Coatings, Synergy combines Pinnacle’s proprietary blend of carnauba wax with the most advanced synthetic ingredients available. This synthesis of gloss-enhancing ingredients creates an incredibly glassy, reflective finish that shines like a diamond.

Black Label Synergy is the element of shineSynergy represents the cooperative action of state-of-the-art nano-glass ceramic particles with all-natural carnauba wax, providing incredible paint protection, a superior water contact angle, and a remarkable shine that will take your breath away. Black Label Synergy is the element of shine.

Pinnacle has been a name that’s synonymous with carnauba wax since the brand’s inception over twenty years ago. Through years of careful research and development, Pinnacle has pioneered a refining process that creates the purest of carnauba waxes - ivory carnauba wax. You’ll recognize this as the main ingredient in Souveran Paste Wax, a wax that has won more awards than any other car wax. Synergy takes ingredients once reserved for only the finest carnauba waxes and combines them with exclusive nano-glass particles to create unmatched clarity, depth, and protection.

The chemists at Pinnacle made a breakthrough one afternoon when they discovered that a strand of nano-glass ceramic particles – the same type found in Black Label Diamond Paint Coating - were able to cross-link and fully harden when fused with Pinnacle’s signature blend of ivory carnauba wax. This was thought to be impossible because ivory carnauba wax, when processed and refined, is incredibly soft. When the paint-wetting oils are added to the carnauba wax, it becomes even softer, making it easy to use while adding a 3-dimensional depth to the paint.

Black Label Synergy works great on all colors! Black Label Synergy makes black paint look wet!
2013 Dodge Challenger detailed by Derek K. in Lancaster, MA. Derek used Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish to remove light swirl marks and scratches, then applied two coats of SYNERGY to enhance and protect the finish that he perfected. Look at those reflections!
By successfully combining nano-glass ceramic particles with ivory carnauba wax, Synergy is able to provide the sizzling shine that Pinnacle waxes are known for, while offering longevity and excellent resistance to UV rays, airborne contaminants, and acid rain. Black Label Synergy is capable of protecting your paintwork for well over 6 months.

Black Label Synergy is a pleasure to apply and remove. If you like Souveran Paste Wax, you’ll love Synergy. It spreads like butter and wipes off with minimal effort. Your paint will be left feeling silky smooth, with a shine that is best described as glassy and reflective.

Black Label Synergy applies thin and buffs off without any effort
Synergy applies extremely thin.
Black Label Synergy imparts crisp, clear reflections on all colors
And buffs off without any effort.
Black Label Synergy applies so thin that a 5 ounce jar will yield in excess of 25 applications. Considering that each application provides a minimum of 6 months of protection, a single jar of wax could potentially last over 10 years! We have our doubts that you’ll be able to stretch a jar that far, though, because the intense shine and glassy finish created by Synergy is addictive. Apply as many coats as you want, as often as you want.

The key to success with Black Label Synergy is a clean foundation. Just as you wouldn't paint a dirty wall, you shouldn't apply a wax to a dirty, contaminated vehicle. Start off by washing and drying the vehicle. Then, cover your hand with a plastic baggy and feel the paint. If it feels bumpy or gritty, then you must clay the surface using Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay. This step will make the paint silky smooth and ready for polishing.

Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish is the next step. This non-abrasive polish removes embedded dirt, road film, previously applied waxes, silicones, polishing oils, and virtually anything else that would prevent Synergy from bonding. Black Label Surface Cleansing Polish can be applied by hand or machine.

By now your paint will be looking great, but trust us when we say it’s about to get a lot better! Apply Synergy with the softest foam applicator available. It’s best to apply two thin coats versus one heavy coat. Working 2-3 panels at a time, apply the wax sparingly. Allow the wax 5-10 minutes to set up, then gently buff to a brilliant shine using a Gold Plush Microfiber Towel. Flip the towel often to avoid wax build up. Once the entire vehicle has been waxed, wait a couple hours and apply a second coat.

If you’re addicted to the Pinnacle shine, and want something that’s going to outlast conventional carnauba waxes, treat your vehicle to Black Label Synergy. The intense shine, slick finish, tight water beads, and longevity will surpass any other paste wax available.

5 oz.
Includes Gold Plush Jr. and poly foam wax applicator.

Black Label Synergy Wax
Synergy complements all colors exceptionally well, but the highly reflective, glassy finish that it creates on white and silver paintwork is simply stunning. Thanks to Stuart M. in Wellington, Florida for submitting the photo of this beautifully detailed German super car.

Pinnacle Black Label Synergy

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Boston, MA
Brilliant Shine!
Pinnacle Black Label Synergy has an incredible shine. Creates a smooth glassy wet look. Water can't bead off the car fast enough. Light reflects off every curve. Apply a thin coat 2 panels at a time and let it dry about 5 min. Gently buff off and move to the next. FYI: It's important to prep the paint for absolute best results, either by hand or machine. A lot of people assume you need a machine, but you can produce decent results with a polish pad and cleansing lotion (search AG for info). I do have a Flex 3401 D/A, but back in the day I just used what god gave me. Prep & wax once in the spring and again in the fall.
ProsEasy on, easy off. Amazing shine. Last a solid 4-6 months.
ConsPrice - small can for the money (compared to WG Fuzion).
Florence, KY
Worth the Price
I have a Blizzard White 2016 Avalon Hybrid, and using this wax has been a labor of love. Well worth the price for the small amount. The key is to use a small amount, but apply maybe every four days four times. The result is far superior to other waxes. Make that FAR superior!
ProsLasts a long time/hard Easy to apply Beautiful shine Protects the surface from bird poop and road dirt (wipes right off)
Worth the Money!
I purchased a new 2017 Shelby GT350 in Avalanche Gray and I wanted the paint to look just sprayed. I've seen Synergy for a couple of years now, but I've been hesitant to spend that kind money. This past Memorial Day the had a Cyber Sale on top of another 20% off, so I ordered it. I clay barred, compounded and final polished the paint with my Porter Cable buffer. I applied one coat of Synergy by hand...starting from the front of the car towards the back.? By the time I got to the back, it was ready to be removed. It came off as easy as it went on. The shine....amazing! It made the gray shine like I couldn't imagine! Wait for a sale if you are hesitant about the price...but get it!
ProsPrep work is obviously key Easy on, easy off Fast flash/cure time Intense shine Very "wet looking"
ConsPrice (wait for a sale)
Tampa, Florida
Brilliant Shine!
I will first state that my car has previously been coated with pinnacle black diamond coating, and that the work that went into prepping it for said closing was immense to ensure a flaw free paint finish. That was done about 6 months ago. This wax goes on easy and is super easy to wipe off, there was no hazing or dusting that I could see like you'd usually get with a carnauba wax. I'm not sure on longevity just yet but I did use the pinnacle black paintwork prep lotion prior to waxing. I should've probably clayed the vehicle first however i was feeling lazy. Shine is incredible however and looking it the pictures it looks almost like a mirror.
ProsGreat shine, easy to apply and wipe off.
ConsCost (although applied as directed, you should get plenty of applications and if it lasts as long as claimed, it could well be worth it). Prep work requirement to ensure proper bonding.
North Brunswick, New Jersey
lasting protection
Let me start by saying I don't use wax for the shine. I polish my car and keep it swirl free for the shine. I use wax to protect the shine. That being said I will give you my thoughts. This past summer I had a very important car show to enter. I had been using the Wolfgang fusion wax as my final step. Well, I had a small accident and couldn't use it. I did however have some Pinnacle Black Label Synergy that I hadn't used. I was upset because I like to use what works and what I can count on. This one day I didn't have a choice. I spent the entire week polishing every panel on my car. My paint was as perfect as I had ever seen it. I'm actually afraid to put wax on it at this point for fear of diminishing my finish. Guys who machine polish understand what I'm saying. I proceeded to apply the Synergy wax as per the instructions. My very first thought was it wasn't as easy to apply as the fusion wax. It wasn't as easy to remove either. Now it wasn't really difficult; I'm just comparing to another expensive wax that I use. When I was finished I realized it didn't take much product to cover my car; twice. As I have said I don't use wax for shine because I believe wax doesn't add sine. It does however cover perfections in the paint helping light bounce back instead of scattering and giving you the illusion your paint is in better shape than it actually is. So I didn't notice any difference in the finish from one wax to the next. The car show went on without a hitch and it was a great day. Here is what I noticed going forward. When I washed my car I noticed the wax wasn't breaking down as fast as the fusion wax. In fact the Synergy wax held up week after week without me reapplying any wax. In the summer I like to wash my car almost every day because I drive it. I also enjoy putting new coats on almost weekly, Yes, I go through the trouble of stripping the old wax before applying the new coat. I do this because its relaxing and I enjoy being able to control something that's almost impossible to control. A clean car. I actually enjoy pulling out the wax just to use it. Its very expensive when you use Fusion or Synergy wax for this purpose. Week after week I noticed how great my car looked after I washed it. Even my crazy brain couldn't make up an excuse to use more wax. This Synergy wax was holding up just as well as the day I put it on. This wax has some serious stamina. I have no idea if turtle wax or any other waxes people mention are just as good. It might be. If your going to spend some bucks you better be happy with the results. I was just totally surprised by the endurance of Synergy. I'm not sure if I will buy it again. Its too expensive for my pockets but at the same time if I cant find anything similar then I just might buy it again. Please keep in mind the price is expensive for most people including myself. So if you are inclined to try it make sure you buy it on sale. Wait for a no exclusion sale and free shipping. Maybe that way its better justified. Good luck.
ProsLong lasting. Doesn't require much product.
ConsExpensive. Only 5 ounces. Application slightly more difficult than Fusion wax.