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3M Imperial Hand Glaze 16 oz. - 39007

3M Imperial Hand Glaze 16 oz. - 39007A gentle moisturizer, especially for beautifying freshly painted surfaces!

During the first 30 days of the paintís infancy, until the paint has had time to cure, youíll probably want to keep your car looking showroom fresh! Without waxing? 3M originally developed Imperial Hand Glaze for situations like these. Perfectly safe and nourishing for brand new paint, Imperial Hand Glaze was formulated with a unique combination of paint glossifiers (no silicones or waxes!), to provide a brilliant, deep wet-look shimmer! Completely clear coat safe, 3M Imperial Hand Glaze feeds new paint to enhance the shine from the inside, out. Apply it frequently until the paint is cured.

After the curing period is complete, use Imperial Hand Glaze as a prepping step before any wax application. Probably not the best choice for worn or faded paint jobs, because it is so gentle (youíll want to use a heavier polish, possibly with fillers or even abrasives, depending on the condition of the paint) it is superior for bringing out the gleam in new and like-new paint jobs. After application, your paintís surface will be breathtaking as Imperial Hand Glaze unlocks the shine!

Hand Glaze offers no protection, regardless of how stunning it is! Seal in this stunning appearance with 3Mís Perfect-It Show Car Paste Wax. It adds to the visual appeal, all the while creating a barrier between your beautiful paint and the raging elements, UV rays, airborne pollutants and everyday dirt and dust. Imperial Hand Glaze and Show Car Paste Wax are probably my favorite choice for cost-effective, true value protection for your paint.

To use: Start with a clean, freshly washed and dried vehicle. Shake the Imperial Hand Wax well, and apply to a clean microfiber towel or applicator pad. Using a circular motion, apply the glaze to one vehicle panel at a time, carefully spreading it in uniform consistency. With another dry, clean microfiber towel gently wipe clean. Polish entire car to a brilliant luster. Regular use will have your car looking its show-ready best for years!

16 fl. oz.