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3D Bug Remover 16 oz.

Break the bug bombardment!

3D Bug Remover uses enzymes to break down and loosen bug remains on a molecular level, making removal of them as easy as using a detail spray! 3D Bug Remover is a powerful cleaner and its even capable of standing up to the endless plastering of Florida lovebug season. Safe for use on paint, plastic, and glass, 3D Bug Remover will be an incredibly useful addition to your detailing arsenal!

Your car is often the subject of many messes and sources of contamination, but there are none that are quite so disgusting as bug remains. The sight of hundreds of dead bugs adhered to the grille and hood of your car is enough to make the stomach of any detailer turn over a few times. And not only is it a disgusting sight to see your car’s immaculate finish ruined by such a thing, bug remains are also EXTREMELY dangerous! The acids contained in bug remains will surely corrode away your clear coat, severely impacting your car’s paint PERMENATELY! On top of all of this, they are a chore and a half to clean off the surface!

Luckily, your day of bug-powered troubles won’t last much longer thanks to 3D Bug Remover! When it comes to effectively cleaning bugs off the surface, 3D Bug Remover makes it easier than you’ve ever experienced. Because bug remains adhere to the surface due to the proteins in them, they usually can’t be taken off simply by washing your car. But, 3D Bug Remover goes further than a simple car wash does. 3D Bug Remover contains enzymes that break the strong bond that these proteins make with the surface of your car. Once those proteins are broken up, removing the bug remains is and easy as wiping them away!

Thanks to its potent formula, 3D Bug Remover works on even the heavier smatterings of bug remains. If you live in an area like Florida, you know just how bad love bug season can get. There are times where a simple mile-long drive down the high-way will leave your hood black as night. 3D Bug Remover won’t be deterred by such a demanding task though! 3D Bug Remover will work quickly to effectively rid these pests from the surface and restore your car to its former glory!

3D Bug Remover is not just intended to be used on your paint though! You can also use 3D Bug Remover to effectively debug your plastic and glass as well!

Directions: Do not use 3D Bug Remover on a hot surface or in direct sunlight. Let 3D Bug Remover dwell on the surface for approximately a minute or two. This will allow 3D Bug Remover to break up the proteins in the remains and break the bond they have with your paint. For more extreme cases, you may need to use a bug sponge to agitate the surface and aid in bug removal. Once the bug are off your paint, you will want to wash your car or use a waterless wash to neutralize the product afterwards.

16 oz.

3D Bug Remover 16 oz.

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Cincinnati, Ohio
This is the Best!!!
I bought this on a recommendation from another detailer and just kept it on my truck incase I would ever need it. Usually a bug sponge and soapy water is enough to get the job done but I encountered bugs plastered to the front of an old fiberglass motorhome and my sponge wasn't even budging them. I pulled this stuff out and put a few squirts on for a test spot and from the time I put the bottle down to getting back on my platform they were just falling off. Immediately got online and starting looking for a gallon of this stuff. 100% recommend makes quick work of bugs.
Bang for Buck
Amazing product for the price. You can literally watch it break down the bugs
Saint Charles, MO
Great bug cleaner
Works well breaking down bugs