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3D All Purpose Cleaner - 24 oz.

3D All Purpose Cleaner - 24 oz.

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Versatile cleaner for everything you can think of!

3D APC (All Purpose Cleaner) is a versatile interior and exterior all surface cleaner. This concentrated cleaner is the easy solution to get rid of those stubborn stains, dirt, and grease from any surface in your vehicle, or for the exterior trim and wheel wells. Use it with microfiber towels. or a hand brush. If you are using the APC inside the vehicle, you may want some Universal Protectant. After using APC on your trim, you may want some Trim care or Instant shine. If you are buying a gallon, don't forget to get a labeled 32 oz. bottle and a sprayer.

It is highly effective at removing tough soiling from vinyl, fabric, plastic, rubber & painted surfaces. No cleaning job is too difficult as this powerful cleaner can be diluted up to 10 to 1 to meet all your cleaning needs.

Powerful cleaning agents will break down and lift even the heaviest of soiling. Perfect for common cleaning tasks such as coffee, ink, food and drink spills as well as dirt and road salt accumulation. It is also gentle enough, at the proper dilution, to clean headliners.

Can also cut through grease and other oil based problems. Excellent pre-spotter for hot water extraction or steaming. Simply spray, let dwell, agitate and remove. Your car will be looking and smelling great in no time at all thanks to this amazing all-purpose cleaning product.

You will find that APC also works great at cleaning leather seats, arm rests & trim panels. If used correctly you will find that with a soft bristle brush (preferably horse hair), you can loosen-up the stubborn dirt & grime that is covering your interior. Once this soiling is removed your interior will look like brand new. We recommend to follow-up with 3D’s LVP Conditioner to protect and enhance your leather finish.

Not only does APC work great on all your vehicle cleaning chores, but you can use it on your boat, RV, aircraft, motorcycle and home. There aren’t too many surfaces that cannot be cleaned with this product. The All Purpose Cleaner from 3D Products is not only biodegradable, but it is also considered a “Green” product. This is a VOC Free formulated APC and the choice among car washes and mobile detailers trying to reduce their toxic footprint. It produces a perfectly clean result with no detergent residues, dyes or smells to worry about.

24 oz.


3D All Purpose Cleaner - 24 oz.