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1Z Einszett Pro Atomizer

This sprayer stands up to all your heavy duty cleaning jobs.

The 1Z Einszett Pro Atomizer is the perfect sprayer to use with 1Z Einszett Blitz All Purpose Cleaner and Industrie-Reiniger All Purpose Cleaner. Dilute the cleaner in the Pro Atomizer and spray an even mist or a continuous stream of cleaner onto automotive surfaces. The 1Z Einszett Pro Atomizer is acid and alkaline resistant to withstand all kinds of car care products.

If you have a large surface to cover with a product or a hard-to-reach area, the 1Z Einszett Pro Atomizer will make cleaning easier with an adjustable, pressurized sprayer. Pump it up to fire a sharp stream of cleaner to the wheel wells or between engine components - anywhere that's tough to reach with an ordinary spray bottle. For a light mist, adjust the nozzle and lock the trigger to apply a fine mist evenly over the surface. This feature works well for quick detailers, spray waxes, clay lubricants, and glass cleaners. Measurements are embossed on the side of the bottle to help you accurately dilute concentrates.

Mix up concentrated cleaners or degreasers in the 1Z Einszett Pro Atomizer. The durable plastic bottle withstands acidic and alkaline cleaners to give you long-term, dependable performance. If you work in a high volume detail shop or have a mobile business, the 1Z Einszett Pro Atomizer is a time-saving, effort-saving investment.

1.5 liter capacity

1Z Einszett Pro Atomizer

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1Z Einszett Pro Atomizer