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Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover

Easy on paint, tough on insects.

Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover is like a 'pre-treatment' for your paintwork prior to washing. Anti-Insekt contains special cleaners which loosens insects and grime from paintwork, chrome, glass, rubber and plastic gently and safely without harsh chemical solvents which remove wax and polish from the paintwork.

Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover eliminates the need for aggressive, surface-scratching bug sponges. Simply spray on surface, allow to work for 3 minutes and then hose off. Formula does not contain enzymes, which can irritate skin, is biodegradable, formalin-free, and environmentally safe.

If you shudder at the thought of scrubbing your vehicle to remove bugs, Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover is a paint-friendly solution. Its special formula breaks up acidic insect bodies so they can be safely washed away.

Insects produce acids as they decompose that will eat into automotive paint, leaving permanent etchings. Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem with all the harsh bug and tar removers on the market, but Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover is a different type of product. Nextzett’s formula uses cleaners that are engineered to loosen the insects and other grime from the vehicle without affecting the vehicle itself. There are no destructive enzymes or formalin to irritate you or your vehicle.

Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover is a precleaner, meaning its purpose is to loosen stubborn contaminants before you wash the vehicle. During the wash process, these contaminants will lift off the paint easily using a soft wash tool and a high lubricity car shampoo. Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover eliminates the need to scrub or scrape.

Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover saves you time by leaving your car wax in tact. Because there are no harsh chemical solvents, there’s nothing in Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover that is strong enough to strip wax. You won’t have to touch up where the bugs have been, which saves you time.

Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover is a safe solution to insects and other sticky road grime. Pretreat with Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover and bugs are gone.

16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml)

Made in Germany

Nextzett Anti-Insekt Bug + Tar Remover

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Works Pretty Well
Works Pretty Well. I use any "remover" sparingly because I'm naturally untrusting of anyone's claim to "not remove wax or polish." I have spot treated with this. If you do the same, be sure to wash said area thoroughly with clean water; it doesn't rinse off as easily as you'd think. And after that, go ahead and add a good spritz of carnauba detail spray or similar!

ProsSewer drain friendly; works well enough; good value as not a lot of product is needed.
ConsDoesn't rinse off as easily as you'd expect.
Good Stuff
I've tried just about every bug remover there is and this is probably the best. Its on the pricey side though. The product actually clings where you spray it instead of running all over like most others.
Great Product But.....
This product works very well and I give it 5 stars. It dispenses in a wet liquid and foam mix that stays in place for awhile and loosens the bugs. It does take a fair amount of product to do a front end that is covered with bugs and the bottle is only 16+ oz. It should also be packaged and sold in gallon refills at a bulk price.
Best Bug Remover
Living in Florida, land of the lovebugs, insect removal is a major concern, especially in late spring and late summer. i have tried several specialty products and this is the best one I've found. I generally spray the affected areas of the vehicle at the beginning of a wash. I let it dwell while I do the wheels and then rinse this off. The majority of the bugs wash of simply from the water pressure of the hose spray. Some stubborn guys require more work, but Anti-Insekt makes it much easier.
works great
this really works well for removing splattered bugs. It works better than the OTC products, yet is not harsh on the paint.

I just spray it and let it sit for a few minutes while I get my buckets ready to wash the car. Come back and hose off and watch as the bugs are gone! yes, you get one or two really stubborn bugs that stay on, but when washing, they come off effortlessly, no scrubbing.

overall, I reallly enjoy this stuff, it is by far the best bug remover that I have used to date, and I've tried a good amount. I will continue to use this! :)