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Stoner XENIT Natural Citrus Mold Cleaner

Stoner  XENIT Natural Citrus Mold Cleaner
Clean it with XENIT!

Stoner XENIT Natural Citrus Mold Cleaner removes resins, carbon deposits, silicones, and contaminants from molds. You’ll never again be frustrated trying to remove tough gunk and grime in your home, office, garage or car. Natural citrus XENIT by Stoner removes tacky, grimy dirt so well, in most cases you can simply “wipe it away.”

Xenit is a natural precision mold cleaner used as a degreaser in the plastics and rubber molding industries. It contains Citrus 66, a highly refined extract of citrus fruit. This powerful ingredient removes greasy soil and stains that can't be removed by soap and water.

Use XENIT to quickly permanent marker, crayon and lipstick “accidents” in the car and around the home. It removes release agents, resins, carbon deposits, and other contaminants left in mold cavities.

Xenit contains more than five, different, high performance cleaners. Unlike most water-based citrus cleaners that are designed to lift and carry dirt, XENIT is formulated to break down the complex molecules found in sticky materials. This MicroActive cleaning action gives XENIT unequaled abilities to loosen and dissolve difficult grime like tar, grease, gum and adhesives. It even removes dried latex paint if accidentally dripped on carpet, flooring, or furniture. Xenit removes shoe scuffs and heel marks from from vinyl panels and greasy dirt from fabrics and upholstery.

Save yourself hours of agony trying to remove sticky stuff with standard cleaners. Avoid wasted time spent laboring with inferior water-based products. XENIT is formulated to evaporate and dry completely, leaving behind no sticky residues or streaky soaps.

10 oz. aerosol.
Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air.
This item is shipped by UPS Ground only.

Stoner XENIT Natural Citrus Mold Cleaner
Item #: STO-94213
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Stoner  XENIT- Intensive Cleaner 10 oz. Case of 12
Stoner XENIT- Intensive Cleaner 10 oz. Case of 12

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Stoner XENIT- Intensive Cleaner 10 oz. Case of 12

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Stoner XENIT Natural Citrus Mold Cleaner
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
5 Stars

You have to have Xenit
April 7, 2012
BY FAR THE BEST cleaner/degreaser. It removes things that others cannot touch and is less toxic. Smells like oranges. The handiest product I have found for many uses. I love this stuff.

5 Stars

The best aerosol cleaner/degreaser
October 15, 2010
This is the best aerosol spray degreaser available. I used it to remove a thick gooey spot off my passenger side door, the goo was gone in seconds. Works very well with the Plastic razorblades too, the two are a must in my arsenal. It's also great around the house for removing tough stains, bottom line just buy it.

5 Stars

November 17, 2009
Forget the Goo Gone, this stuff is the best adhesive remover I've ever used. It doesn't melt plastic or damage paint. It will also take ink stains out clothes and carpet.