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Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner

Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner
Pamper delicate wheels with soft sheepskin!

The Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner cleans wheels with the gentle touch of sheepskin! You trust sheepskin to safely wash the paint; now you can give your wheels the same TLC. The Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner is comfortable to use and safe on all wheels.

If you have painted, coated, or plated wheels, you know the wrong wheel cleaner or tool can do serious damage! So how do you remove destructive brake dust without hurting the wheel finish? Use a water-based wheel cleaner, like Detailer's Pro Series Wheel Cleaner, and always use the Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner.

The Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner is a cone-shaped tool covered in soft, absorbent sheepskin. It easily reaches between spokes to release brake dust and road grime. The soft sheepskin fits in a variety of spoke designs. The GRIP TECH™ TPR handle is comfortable to use as you give your wheels a super gentle cleaning.

Another benefit of sheepskin is that it holds more soapy water than a wheel brush. More soap means more lubrication to protect the wheel finish from scratching.

On delicate wheel finishes, a gentle touch is key to maintaining the wheels’ shine. Only the Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner pampers your wheels with the gentle touch of sheepskin to clean any wheel without scratching.

Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner
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Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner
1.5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
1 Stars

Very poor quality!!!
September 7, 2012
Used it twice and the sheepskin separated from the handle. Very poor build quality. Save your money!

3 Stars

good while it lasts
May 7, 2011
the sheepskin brush is great when it's new, it's soft and doesn't damage my polished wheels. what's good is that it's stiff so I can work it into the crevices. BUT, it doesn't last very long. I think I've gotten only around a dozen uses before it fell apart. at first bits of fir was coming off like lint balls, next thing you know the whole cover falls off. if this thing was more durable it would be a winner. despite, the very limited use, it's the best wheel brush I've used. I bought 2 more if that's any indication how much I like it.

1 Stars

Poor, poor.
April 5, 2011
Used on two sets of wheels. Cover separated from handle. Of no use now.

tss Detailing
1 Stars

Cheap Item
March 17, 2011
I used this hoping it's fully cloaked-in-sheepskin wand would be ideal for tight spaces on rims. It worked great, but not long term. After about 5 uses it began to seperate on the inside; after 10 uses it began to fray on the outside; after 20 uses, the whole thing fell apart and I was left with...well, a carcass.