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S100 Total Cycle Cleaner

The best selling motorcycle cleaner in Europe.

When S100 Total Cycle Cleaner reached the USA in 1985, it was hailed as a completely new technology for cleaning motorcycles. Replacing petroleum solvent cleaners with a water-based, environmentally friendly formula, bikers were surprised that, for the first time, all parts of a filthy bike could be cleaned in a matter of minutes. Rider Magazine hailed it as a “revolution for the Saturday morning wash”. Cycle Magazine said”...nothing we have tried cuts through road grime quicker or more thoroughly”.

Bikers all across the country are riding far longer thanks to the time S100 saves in bike cleaning. Simply spray S100 Total Cycle Cleaner over a dirty bike and hose off! Dirt, grease and insects melt away with little or no scrubbing.

Made in Germany, S100 Total Cycle Cleaner is factory approved by many of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers.

500 ml Pump Spray

S100 Total Cycle Cleaner

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S100 Total Cycle Cleaner
5 Stars based on 9 Review(s)
New Haven, CT.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Fantastic product!
June 30, 2015
Works easily on road grime. Just spay on and rinse with hose. Couldn't get any easier.

Dark Storm
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

WOW! Instant results!
December 15, 2014
Although I was skeptical with regards to application/use of this this product I remained open minded after watching the video on AutoGeek. Well, the lived up to its claim for I was thoroughly impressed with the final results. I just wished I would have bought the larger container so I could carry some around with me on my journeys!
Easy to use

Kurt W. Banic
Barberton, Ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

good stuff
June 8, 2014
My bike was missing something, kind of freshened up the black on the motor, Really is good stuff.
It's simple.

5 Stars

S100 is great!
December 30, 2012
S100 cleaner is a great product. A 1 L bottle will last me 12-18 months and I use it full strength not only on motorcycles, but also in the engine bays of my cars.

KC Detailing
5 Stars

Great Product
January 30, 2011
This stuff is amazing. Works just as well as the P21S Total Auto Wash. Both amazing products. Full strength, this product works ridiculously good. However, 1:1 is almost as strong. I normally use 8:1 for bugs, tar, engines, and wheels. I rarely have to use a stronger dilution ratio than that. Add a little bit of this S100, with your detergent, when you clean your microfiber towels to loosen the wax. Your microfibers will thank you.

5 Stars

Great cleaning tool!
November 24, 2010
Yes, I'd agree that it's a bit expensive to do your whole bike but an invaluable product for those tight, hard to get at spots. As advertised! Spray it on followed by an aggressive rinse and the result is a clean and bright surface. Excellent for under the frame / engine, rims & spokes. I'd guess the trick is to stock up when "AG"'s got a sale going.

5 Stars

May 27, 2007
It was spectacular

Terry Lewis
5 Stars

Top Products
July 18, 2006
Over all one of the best products on the market today by far, and anyone that has used this product...knows what I'm talking about. S100 I don't go with-out it

5 Stars

S100 cleaner
April 17, 2006
I received a sample of the S100 cleaner and thought what the heck got nothing to loose! got my bike out (diddn't wash it once last year) applied per directions. totally amazed! ! From top to bottom (enging encluded) it took 25 minutes to do and yes it looks new again! (it a 1982 Kawasaki ks1300 with 80,000 miles on it) the burnt on scum on the exhaust came right off, the roaad grunge on the rims hosed right off. finally a product that works the way it says it does!!