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Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish

Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish

Get smooth, shiny, irresistible paint with Pinnacle.

Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish has been reformulated with the latest surface enhancement technology! Paint care technology is always improving; therefore Pinnacle just keeps getting better. With micro fine diminishing abrasives, Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish burnishes paint to a crystal clear gloss that looks and feels mirror-smooth. This is our most user-friendly, clearest-finishing final polish ever!

Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish gives your vehicle’s paint maximum impact with a clear, reflective gloss and flawless appearance. This is more than a finishing polish; it’s the final word on shiny, smooth paint.

Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish restores the paint's gloss after swirl removal.Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish is packed with diminishing abrasives that maximize surface gloss and reflectivity on all paint finishes. Our unique abrasives break down gradually as they scour the finish, blending away any haze and restoring perfect clarity to the paint.

Think of the dust used by jewelers to polish fine gemstones. Jewelers polish cut diamonds by rubbing each edge against an iron wheel charged with diamond dust. As the dust polishes the diamond, oil is added to keep both surfaces lubricated. To get the finest shine, you have to use the finest abrasives. Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish uses this same principle to polish automotive paint.

Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish is a combination of diminishing abrasives and lubricants that buffer the abrasive action. The lubricants nourish and enrich the paint, while allowing the abrasives to move over the paint fluidly. Minor imperfections and cloudiness will disappear, revealing a crisp, clear gloss. Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish contains no fillers or wax, so you can see the real results of your work.

Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish is highly concentrated. Only a quarter size amount is needed to polish each 2 x 2 square foot area. Every drop is packed with microscopic diminishing abrasives that gently bring out your vehicle’s best finish.


For the best results, apply Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish with a light cutting pad on your dual action polisher at a speed of no greater than 5. The light cutting pad has small pores to keep the micro-fine abrasives on the paint, rather than disappearing into the pad. Just like the jeweler’s polishing wheel, the polisher is the platform for the polish. There is no need to apply pressure. The motion of the dual action polisher will do the work for you. The polish is easy to wipe off with a soft Cobra Microfiber Towel.

Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish is the perfect companion to Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover. The finishing polish takes the paint a step further by enhancing the shine created by Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover. In just two steps, your vehicle will look and feel mirror-smooth with crisp, clear reflections and peerless depth.

Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish is completely safe for clear coat paint finishes. With improved diminishing abrasives, lubricants, and a ultra-clear finish, Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish sets the standard for finishing polishes. The results will speak for themselves!

Machine Application:

1. The vehicle should be clean and dry before polishing. Use Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover if your vehicle has any light scratches and swirls.

2. Pour a quarter-size amount of Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish onto an orange light cutting pad or white polishing pad. You may also apply the polish directly to the vehicle or in a circle on the pad. Spread the polish over the area you intend to polish with the machine turned off. This will reduce splatter.

3. Set the maximum speed on the polisher to 4.5 or 5. Set the pad on the paint and turn it on. Work in a side to side, then up and down motion until the polish starts to dry,

4. Make sure the polisher is off before lifting it off the paint. Buff with a Cobra Microfiber Towel to inspect your results. If swirls are still visible, repeat the process.

5. Then finish off the paint with a coat of one of Pinnacle’s show car waxes: Souverän, Signature Series II, or Liquid Souverän™.

16 oz.

Learn more about Made in USA Certification.
Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish restores the paint's gloss after swirl removal.

Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish
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32 oz. Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish

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Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish 128 oz.
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Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish 2 oz. Sample

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Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish
5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Results!
September 1, 2014
I used the Advanced Swirl Remover on an old VW Bug that had been resprayed with base/clear in the 90s. It's paint had cloudy areas and was rough. I did clay the VW before polishing. The Advanced Swirl Remover made the Bug look Great! I wanted to go right to wax next to save time and work, but I decided to use the Advanced Finishing Polish on the roof. WOW, what a difference the Advanced Finishing Polish made! The difference was easy to see and noticeably clearer and smoother. Once using it on one spot it was easy to see the parts I had not done yet. I didn't expect that much of an improvement from the Advanced Finishing Polish step and was happily surprised. I did the rest of the VW with the AFP and though it was more work and time, it was worth it.
Works great with a random orbital polisher. Leaves a mirror like and wet looking and very smooth surface. Don't need to use much product for each section. Wipes off with less effort then the previous polishing steps. Looks Great!
Adds an extra step after polishing with Advanced Swirl Remover which already looks good.

5 Stars

I'm A Believer
October 25, 2012
I took delivery on a new metallic black Acura MDX and began to notice some very fine haze in certain lighting conditions (likely from suspect dealer cleaning/preparation practices). I was amazed at how the combination of this product and a Lake Country grey CCS pad (on a PC 7424) completely corrected the surface. Even lamp inspection showed a flawless finish. Be patient and let the product work. Technique is everything.

5 Stars

Good Product
September 13, 2012
I have waxed two cars in the last month one with the Advanced Finishing Polish and one without. I can definitely notice a difference between the two and will always use this product now.

5 Stars

Life Saver
May 2, 2007
Thank goodness for this polish! I was buffing a 6 series yesterday with XMT4, it really needed some work. I started worrying when the polish didn't break down as I expected and I tried the new bottle of Advanced Finishing Polish, which took away ALL of the XMT4 micro marring. I was so relieved and the paint looked amazing!

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