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Poorboy’s World Wheel Sealant

Poorboy’s World Wheel Sealant
Long lasting wheel protection.

Like any good auto enthusiast, you wouldn’t dream of leaving your paint unprotected, but what about your wheels? They encounter all the contaminants that paint does plus brake dust, the worst of them all. It can eat through clear coated wheels and even cast aluminum and chrome if left unattended. You would have to clean your wheels very frequently to keep them brake-dust free, so take the easy way out and coat them with Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant. This protective coating blocks out brake dust and all other contaminants so you don’t have to continuously clean your wheels to keep them in great shape.

Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant is a protective sealant that improves and maintains the appearance of your wheels. It applies a clear barrier against dirt, brake dust, tar, bugs, water, and anything else that impacts your wheels. Because these contaminants are unable to penetrate this barrier, pitting and corrosion are prevented and your wheels remain clear and shiny.

Wheel Sealant literally seals out contamination so your wheels are easy to clean. All the dirt and debris sit on top of this barrier so they wipe off with little effort. Even sticky brake dust wipes off the slick wheel surface. Water beads on Wheel Sealant just as it does on protected paint, so water spots are not an issue.

Wheel Sealant can be used on any type of wheel. The crystal clear protection will not detract from the shine of chrome or polished metal, and will actually improve the gloss of any wheel.

Just like your paint, your wheels need protection. For excellent defense against brake dust and corrosion, apply a coat of Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant to any kind of wheel.

8 oz. jar

Poorboy’s World Wheel Sealant
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Poorboy’s World Wheel Sealant
4.5 Stars based on 15 Review(s)
Clarksville, Tennessee
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awesome product!!!
April 20, 2016
Only put one coat on my rims and I'm impressed at the end result. I'm able to just wipe off any break dust or dirt off the rims with no hassle.

Mt.Vernon Indiana
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

First time use of wheel sealant
June 12, 2015
I applied this to new wheels that have a combination of aluminum and satin black finish. I wiped on all wheels and let it dry to a haze ( about 15 minutes as I live in humid area ) and just wiped off. I have on needed soap and water to wash since applying this product. I use a light spray ( 1/2 shot ) of QD + Carnuba when drying the wheels and they look amazing.
Easy on and Off. Wheels look great Smells great as well

Ellis L. Cook
Camden, Tn.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

May 3, 2015
Goes on easy, buff's off easy, so far protects alloy's as described.

Kooskia Idaho
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 8, 2015
Works great..thank you

Steve Ellis
Los Angeles, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Use Poorboys to protect your wheels!
March 5, 2015
I recently ordered the Poorboy's wheel sealant to apply to my recently refinished wheels. No matter what the coating on the surface, the Poorboy's wheel sealant can and will protect it. I highly suggest applying multiple coats of the product, this will make your life much much easier.
Smells great, not acidic or a pain to work with due to the aroma. Applies super easily
Doesn't come with an applicator (which would be cool)

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good Stuff
August 11, 2014
So far I think it's working. The brake dust is easier to wash off with just water.

Lori Fino
5 Stars

Can't live without it ... and neither can my car
May 7, 2012
My tires on my 2007 Saleen/Parnelli Jones Mustang are full of brake dust by the time I get to a car show. Heck, they are dusty if I go to the gas station and back. Not with this stuff. I just drove my car to one car show and two cruises this weekend and they are only 1/3 covered in brake dust. What a difference. I used to have to wipe down my rims inbetween each of those events. but no longer. This is the best present my Husband gave me this year. It doesn't however beat the gift of the car itself. But it's close.

4 Stars

Protects and Smells Great
November 7, 2011
Only gave it 4/5 stars as it didn't repel brake dust as I thought it would but then again my car produces A LOT of brake dust. The product does however protect the rims from brake dust caking in. Washing rims became easier as it doesn't take much scrubbing to get the dust off when this product is used.

5 Stars

Awesome product
April 1, 2009
I use this yearly on my gold BBS wheels. I take off the wheels and clean each of them by hand (I use P21S gel, teflon brushes, etc). Once the wheels are dry, I apply the Poorboy's sealant. The inside of the wheels stays very very clean and protected from the Brembo dust.

5 Stars

Wheel Sealant
April 23, 2007
I cleaned my wheels and applied wheel sealant and the brake dust literally was rinsed off when I hosed them off. I use it on wheels, chome and any other metals that may be warm. Easy to use and smells great.

Mike S.
5 Stars

I'm Hooked!!!
October 31, 2006
I just used PBWS for the first time. My wheels have never looked better. The OEM brake pads on my '05 Mazda3 dust quite a bit so I'm hoping that PBWS will provide a nice barrier between my wheels and the brake dust. I'd highly recommend this product!!!

Dan S.
2 Stars

Didn't do it for me
March 21, 2006
Unlike most people, I found this stuff really disappointing. THe durability and slickness was nowhere near as good when I have used regular sealants on wheels. A second coat really didn't improve it much, and the sealant didn't make the wheels much easier to clean. The smell is amazing though.

Charles L.
5 Stars

Great Protection for Wheels
March 18, 2006
Application: Easy to apply: wipe on - let it haze - buff off 3 Coats applied consecutively to my polished uncoated Boss 301's. About 2 weeks after I applied the coats it rained and I wasn't able to wash my truck for about 3 weeks. Protection, clean up, appearance - They were covered with 3 weeks of dirt, road grime, brake dust, washed with car soap - Cleaned up very easy with just the soap. I only noticed a few small spots of discoloration everything else was still very shiny and no oxidization present. Minimal if any loss of slickness - very close to the slickness of when it was applied. After 2 Months - With just the initial 3 coats of wheel Sealant - I noticed some slight oxidization, spots and marring. Conclusion - Very easy to use and 2 months of protection in the winter rain and dirt, doing nothing more then washing them, is more then I could hope for. Easy to use and great protection for coated or uncoated wheels. It has proven itself in the cold and rain so I'll be interested to see how it holds up to the heat in the summer months. IMO This is a great product for anyone who has polished uncoated wheels to help protect them and keep them looking their best.

Richard Dean
5 Stars

Smells Good Enough to eat
March 18, 2006
I recently tried this wheel sealant out and i must say the smell alone is worth buying it. The product goes on very easy with a simply foam applicator. And a little goes a long way. Overall the products helps keep the wheels cleaner for longer. If you cannot wash your vehicle weekly then this may be something you could use to help the wheels not get as dirty from brake dust and grime as they normally would. Even when the wheels gets dirty it is pretty easy to clean no harsh chemicals are needed.

5 Stars

wroked well for me
March 18, 2006
apply this to a well cleaned wheel in a couple of coats and your wheel cleaning duties will be easier the next time. just apply, leave it set up to a haze, then remove ( super easy to apply and remove ) I will apply 3 coats and from there use soap and water to clean your wheels. smell is like watermelon yum !