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Poorboy's World Natural Look Dressing 32 oz. Refill

Poorboy's World Natural Look Dressing 32 oz. Refill
For clean, protected and dressed leather, rubber, vinyl, plastic, tires and more!

Take your interior to a new level! Treat your synthetic and leather surfaces with Poorboy’s nourishing, water-based Natural Look Dressing. These surfaces will be supple and protected against damaging UV radiation while boasting an attractive matte finish that complements a clean interior.

Natural Look Dressing is a non-toxic, tri-action lotion performing cleaning, protecting and beautifying duties in one easy step. The three-in-one formula means savings—both time and money—for you!

Wipe away all traces of dirt and grime that flaws your leather and synthetic surfaces. At the same time you’re cleaning, a patented UV absorber in Natural Look Dressing penetrates and acts as a barrier to the harmful rays that cause premature aging, cracking, fading and peeling. Damaging UV rays are rendered powerless! Natural Look Dressing is formulated to soak into dry, brittle leather and vinyl and convert them into healthy, hydrated surfaces with a low-gloss finish, but completely dry to the touch. You won’t be left with a greasy, oily mess—just soft, manicured seats, dash and trim throughout.

Natural Look Dressing is great for convertible tops, boat cushions, motorcycle seats, tires and patio furniture. For these applications, Poorboy’s is the only choice because it is designed to work as well in direct sunlight as it does in the shade. It loves the sun! Surfaces that are under constant bombardment from ultra-violet radiation have a tendency to bake and fade under the hot sun. Natural Look Dressing will preserve outdoor vinyl and extend the life of overexposed surfaces.

32 oz. bottle

Refill Sprayer
The 32 oz. size is a refill and does not include a sprayer. Purchase refill sprayers for $1.00 each at the bottom of this page.

Poorboy's World Natural Look Dressing 32 oz. Refill
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Poorboy’s World Refill Sprayer
Poorboy’s World Refill Sprayer

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Poorboy's World Natural Look Dressing 32 oz. Refill
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Evan R. Ude
Somewhere beyond the sea
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent, excellent product
June 1, 2014
If you prefer a matte, non-glossy appearance to your tires, dashboard, and other rubber/plastic trim pieces then Natural Look is definitely the dressing for you. This dressing is among my favorite products in my cleaning-stuff bin, and after a year's worth of use I feel it is one of the best tire and plastic dressings out there. It dries to the touch within a few minutes, so there's no of that dealership-sticky residue. On tires it applies evenly with a tire applicator and leaves the tire looking dark and clean rather than glossy and sticky. On trim and interior pieces it darkens their appearance slightly but still dries very quickly and gives a clean and prepped appearance. Natural Look has a cream-like composition that leans somewhat toward a liquid, so it is very easy to apply with an applicator. It also has a cherry-ish sent that is strong but not too overpowering, at least to my nose. The only (minor) downside is that it typically does not last longer than a week or so on a typical daily driver, but being a water-based product that is to be expected (and just gives you another reason to get out on a Sunday afternoon and tend to the love of your life :D) Best of all, the refill bottle is priced just right!
- Easy to apply - Easy to wipe away excess - Good scent - Available in sprayer-less refills - Priced well
- Longevity is a bit short (but not terrible)

5 Stars

Great Product
June 30, 2009
This is hands down the best interior dressing i have used. Leaves a very nice matt finish, and a very pleasing aroma.

5 Stars

March 11, 2009
This applies on super easy and gives vinyl/rubber a wet "conditioned" look without being greasy or overly shiny. Just dab some on a MF towel and buff the surface with it. Works and smells great!