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Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash

Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash
Rich lather deep cleans finished leather and vinyl!

Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash is another innovative product from one of the most reputable names in car care! Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash is an air-infused, rich leather cleansing solution that penetrates and deep cleans stubborn stains from even the most neglected finished leather and vinyl surfaces. The key to proper leather and vinyl care is to thoroughly clean the surface before moving on to the conditioning stage. Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash makes deep cleaning finished leather and vinyl surfaces quick and easy!

Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash is formulated using advanced chemistry. This high-tech leather cleaning solution features a specially formulated glycerin enriched micro-emulsion. This enables Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash to provide the perfect moisture balance while encapsulating agents safely dissolve and lift away dirt, body oils, debris and other stubborn stains from finished leather and vinyl surfaces. This in turn leaves the surface squeaky clean and ready for conditioning. The cleaner the leather, the better the leather conditioner will penetrate and rejuvenate the surface, leaving it soft and supple.

Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash is safe for vinyl too! Even if your vehicle has vinyl seats or what some manufacturers refer to as “leatherette”, you can reap the benefits of Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash. The same principles apply to this type of material that apply to leather; the cleaner the surface, the better the conditioner or protectant will penetrate, providing maximum UV protection and stain repellency.

For best results, follow application of Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash with Mothers LeatherTech Moisture Infusion Gel Cream. This will help to restore any oils that are lost due to heat and sunlight.

Note: Not intended for nubuck, suede or alcanatra.

8 oz.

Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash
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Mothers LeatherTech Foaming Wash
4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars

October 10, 2013
I love this product. worked so well. extreamly happy with the results. i used after this the mothers conditioner and love the finish. cleaned the interior of my friends car that was really dirty and it came out as good as new. i will be staying with this product for a long time.

4 Stars

February 17, 2013
I was expecting a lot out of this product. I use Leather Master foaming Leather Cleaner sold here at AG. It comes in the same foaming type bottle. So right off the bat this product was going to be compared to the industry leader in leather cleaners. I applied the product with a soft sponge and it produced a very nice rich foam that lasted. Things were looking good right off the bat. But after I wiped the product off after doing a deep cleansing I noticed some attributes I wasnt thrilled with. The product darkened the seats and left a slight gloss. The seats also felt as if they were conditioned with something and were a bit grabby. I'm gonna imagine that this is from the glycerin infused formula. Either way, I wasnt thrilled. I then really was wondering why on the bottle it states to keep the product off of plastics. I left feeling that the seats could have been cleaner, drier, and I did not like how the seats were darkened and coated with something. I gotta give the product a fair review because I did not follow up with Mothers new leather cream. So i'm thinking they are meant to work hand in hand with each other and I might be left missing out on the final result produced when used as a system.