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Mothers Reflections Advanced Spray Wax

Mothers Reflections Advanced Spray Wax
Spray on the shine and protection!

If you waxed your vehicle as often as it appears to need it, you’d be waxing every weekend. In reality, the wax is just hidden under a layer of dust and dirt that your vehicle has accumulated since your last waxing. For quickly refreshing your wax and adding another layer of protection to your paint, use Mothers Reflections Advanced Spray Wax.

They call it Advanced because it’s not your average quick detailer. Many quick shine sprays simply wet the paint so you can wipe away dust. They may contain some gloss agents, but nothing that is designed to really stick to your paint. Mothers Spray Wax is literally an additional layer of wax, not just a cleaner that uncovers your last wax. It does wipe away dust and light contamination, but it also boosts existing wax and provides additional protection. Use it around doors and on the hood to remove fingerprints and smudges and to touch up dull areas.

Because Mothers Spray Wax contains wax, it works as a stand-alone wax if you’re in a hurry. Spray it on your paint while your vehicle is still wet to amplify the shine and give your clear coat another layer of much-needed protection. Just spray the wax onto a cool or wet surface and allow it to dry to a haze. Wipe it off with a soft Cobra Microfiber Towel or terry towel.

Used regularly, Mothers Reflections Spray Wax will prolong the life of your wax and keep your vehicle looking just-waxed weeks longer.

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Mothers Reflections Advanced Spray Wax
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Mothers Reflections Advanced Spray Wax
2.5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
3 Stars

not to bad
July 13, 2013
Not as easy as they lead you to think. It does go on easy. Working in sections (half of the hood, one door, etc) you mist the area and spread with a micro-fiber cloth. They then recommend that you simply wipe it off or buff off. Thats the not as easy part. The liquid does not want to wipe off so easy. It takes some time and tended to leave what I'll call water marks for lack of a better word. I had to go back over most areas several times, wetting and buffing again. Once complete, the car did shine, but to be honest I could have used a paste wax in the same amount of time.

3 Stars

Could be better
March 16, 2012
Could have been better if it was easier to use.. Nice on dark paint but it can be difficult to spread/remove and get that even look. Has a bit more depth than FX has almost the same brightness as FX. Works fine on silver too.. Durability is ok

2 Stars

Take your time...
December 22, 2011
Smells nice, shine is ok, but its thick formula makes it difficult to use. Best as a wax as u dry product. More depth than the fx spray wax.. And a bit more durable.

2 Stars

Wax off
August 9, 2009
Very difficult to remove. There are other spray waxes out there that are much better, like Duragloss and Meguiar's.