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Meguiars NXT Generation Spray Wax

An instant boost to your paint’s gloss and protection!

Love that just-waxed shine? Love turning heads as you drive by because they can’t ignore the shimmer? Unfortunately, that feeling just doesn’t last long enough. That pinnacle of freshly detailed glory begins to diminish all too soon.

Quick! Re-energize the shine with NXT Generation Spray Wax. A single squirt: 1.) Builds your protection by layering on more wax; 2.) Revitalizes a deep, dark, wet-looking shine; 3.) Wipes away dust, fingerprints and smudges; and 4.) Stretches the life of your existing wax! This versatile spray-on refresher wax is priceless if you value a great looking car and long-lasting protection!

Engineered superior polymers (ESPs) are the secret behind the formula. Science has gifted the car care world with cleaning technology breakthroughs, innovation in painted surface enhancement, and bonding advancements which allow us to develop formulas that improve the way we protect and beautify our paint. The new generation of spray waxes, instant details, and quick detail sprays apply these scientific discoveries, making it possible to maintain that showroom sparkle easily, inexpensively, and at the drop of a hat.

For the person on the go, let this be the one new product you try this year (but who can stop at just one?). It can be stowed in your glove compartment with a microfiber towel. Spray on a clean, dry car and wipe off for a remarkably deep shine in an instant! Or, use the spray on a freshly washed car, just before drying. You won’t believe the sparkle it gives! Meguiar’s recommends using Spray Wax as a “booster wax” after you’ve waxed your vehicle with NXT Generation Tech Wax. Whenever you have the urge, spray it on, wipe it off—in less than five minutes your car will look like it spent all day in a professional detailer’s shop!

24 oz.

Meguiars NXT Generation Spray Wax

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