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Lexol Spray Leather Cleaner

Clean leather safely without harsh soap!

Lexol-pH Leather Cleaner
is the safer alternative to harsh, alkaline products like saddle soap. Those products can dry out leather, causing cracking and hardening. Like your skin, leather can age prematurely if not properly cared for.

Keeps leather clean and looking new!Lexol-pH is balanced to match the pH of leather. This preserves the leather's strength, durability and appearance. The foaming action penetrates the pores of leather to lift and suspend dirt and oils. These contaminants are then easily wiped away. Lexol-pH leaves no residue like soaps and will not contribute to fiber deterioration.

Lexol-pH Leather Cleaner contains no waxes or oils to interfere with the cleaning action and causes no buildup. After cleaning, use an application of Lexol Conditioner or Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing for a handsome, rich luster.

Lexol suggests not using its products on hot surfaces, or in direct sunlight. Leather care is a two-step process of cleaning then conditioning. Lexol Leather Cleaner is especially effective when used hand-in-hand with Lexol Leather Conditioner. In the southern-most states, Florida, Texas and Arizona, it’s recommended that leather care is performed once a month. In less severe climates, protecting your car’s leather interior every three to four months is sufficient.

500 ml (16.9 oz.) Spray

Take advantage of our special pricing on the purchase of 2 bottles!

Lexol Spray Leather Cleaner

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Lexol Spray Leather Cleaner
4.5 Stars based on 7 Review(s)
Big Red Buick
New York
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

light duty cleaner for leather
May 20, 2016
with the proper brush and lexol leather cleaner this is a good prep product before using lexol conditioner.

orange grove,tx
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

lexol leather cleaner
July 31, 2014
this stuff works great, holsters workboots, it's great !

5 Stars

Pretty much all you need
June 1, 2013
Lexol is a truly fantastic product. Does exactly what it needs to do, does it well, and for a great price. I've tried a LOT of leather products, and for 95% of applications, Lexol gets the job done. Just spray it liberally onto the leather, work it in with a horsehair brush, and wipe it up with a soft towel. Presto, your leather is like new. If you have truly difficult and persistent stains or seriously neglected leather, this may not be the right product (I recommend Leatherique for those cases), but for everything else, Lexol is all you need.

3 Stars

March 29, 2012
this product only works well on fresh stains and doesnt do much after they have dried

5 Stars

Good cleaner
July 11, 2008
Works very well and is very easy to work into the leather. Best when followed up with Lexol conditioner

James Watkins
5 Stars

A great leather cleaner
March 24, 2006
Lexol Leather cleaner is one of my favorites. With a horse hair brush it cleans deep and well leaving a clean, ready to bw conditioned surface. It removes dirts and stains with ease with out harming the leather. A great product that is sold for a great price!!

3 Stars

March 18, 2006
works well but i thought it left the leather somewhat soapy..