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LANGKA Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit

LANGKA Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit
Repair chips and deep scratches at home!

You may have read in our polishing section that if you can catch your fingernail in a scratch, it’s too deep to be removed at home. This is still true, but you can repair deep scratches and chips yourself, saving you a lot of money at the body shop. The Langka Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit gives you all the products you need (minus the paint) to make chips and scratches disappear!

Chips and scratches make your paint look neglected and old, yet they are unavoidable. Whether its keys, rocks, sticks, or sand, something is going to chip your paint sometime. With the Langka Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit, you can instantly improve the appearance and value of your vehicle!

The kit includes:

2 oz. bottle of Langka Prepaint
Langka Prepaint is a cleaner that prepares the chip for the paint. It contains bonding agents to ensure that the touch-up paint forms a permanent bond to the existing paint.

3 Touch-up Brushes
Use one of the brushes to apply touch-up paint. With 3 brushes, you don’t have to worry about cleaning and reusing the same brush.

Plastic Card
After the paint has dried, you need to remove the blob of paint that stands above the paint surface. The plastic card provides a flat surface to smooth the touch-up paint. See the complete directions below to learn how to use the card.

2 oz. bottle of The Blob Eliminator
This product is designed to remove the raised blob of paint that typically occurs when paint is applied to a chip.

2 oz. Langka Paint Sealant
This protective paint sealant seals in the newly painted area on your vehicle. It provides durable protection to the new touch-up paint and helps to even out the shine and texture of the repaired area with the paint around it.

8 x 8 inch Microfiber Cloth
Buff off Langka Sealant with this ultra soft microfiber towel. The microfiber is velvety soft and sheds no lint. There is no risk of scratching your newly repaired paint with microfiber.
1. Apply PrePaint to a cotton ball or cloth and wipe out the scratch or chip thoroughly.

2. Fill in the scratch or chip completely, taking care to keep the paint within the blemish. Allow it to dry for several hours up to 4 days, depending on how much paint you applied and the climate. When it is no longer tacky to the touch, it’s dry.

3. After the paint has dried, you need to remove the blob of paint that stands above the paint surface. To do this, wrap the Plastic Card in a soft cloth. Use an old T-shirt for the best results. Anything with a nap or that sheds lint will compromise the smoothness of the paint. Cover the card with the cloth and pull it taut across the card. Twist the excess cloth in your hand so that the cloth is pulled flat and smooth over the card.

4. Once you’ve covered the card in cloth, apply The Blob Eliminator generously to the flat surface of the card. Rub the card back and forth over the blob for 15-30 seconds until the blob is gone. When you begin to see paint on the card, apply less pressure until the blob completely disappears.

5. After you’ve removed the excess paint, apply Langka Paint Sealant to seal and protect the newly-painted area.

Your paint should look as good as new! If the paint pulls out as you are using The Blob Eliminator, the paint may not have dried completely. Try again, but this time, use the plastic card to squeegee over the top of the scratch or chip. Allow it to dry. The paint may shrink. If so, apply more paint and remove the excess with the card. Then use The Blob Eliminator as directed.

Please Note: The Langka Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit is intended for vehicles made in 1990 or later. Do not use it on models before 1965 with their original paint. For models from 1965-1989, test an inconspicuous area first.

If you would like a visual demonstration of these steps, you can purchase the Langka Paint Chip Repair Process 5 Minute Training CD. It shows you step by step how to permanently correct chips and scratches to increase the beauty and value of your vehicle.

If your vehicle is suffering from unsightly chips and deep scratches, don’t call a professional. Fix it yourself with the Langka Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit!

Kit includes:
2 oz. Langka PrePaint
2 oz. Langka The Blob Eliminator
2 oz. Langka Paint Sealant
Plastic Card
3 Micro Touch-Up Brushes
8 x 8 inch Microfiber Cloth

Note: The Blob Eliminator is not recommended for lacquer painted surfaces.

LANGKA Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit
Item #: LAN-KIT
Our Price: $39.99
Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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LANGKA Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit
4 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Newport Beach, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Need to try a couple of times before you get it right
September 20, 2014
I decided to get this kit over Dr. Color Chip Kit as I wanted to fix multiple color paint as opposed to one specific color. This kit comes with 3 little dab sticks that are excellent for dabbing. Where I went wrong was my patience! More my fault than the products, my results weren't exactly the best. Once I looked at the video (online or on AGO site) I started to get the hang of it. Mu suggestion, practice on a panel somewhere that is not visible. I would assume Dr. Colorchip has the same learning curve too. Once you get it, you will be happy. The biggest and most important thing to may be able to cover up spots or scratches, however, they will not be 100% perfect. The good thing is: If done right you can't tell unless you are very close to the spot.
Does what is says after some trial and error. Practice 1st before tackling the real job.
Wear rubber or latex gloves!! DO NOT forget or you will get pain on your fingers. The kit really does not explain that too well (or at least I missed it) and you should wear gloves.

1 Stars

Will ruin your paint
May 20, 2009
Applied to small chip on door of 2006 black Corvette. Rubbed the Blob Eliminator over area of the paint bump where very small chip (less than 1/8") was painted. This chemical burned off the clearcoat and thinned the paint around the chip leaving the paint with a "faded" look that you can see the white fiberglass undercoat through the paint in this 1"x1" area. Now MUCH WORSE that before I used this product it will now cost several hundred dollars to have a body shop fix what started as a tiny paint touch up. Autogeek is a great company & I will continue to do business with them but I wanted to leave 0 stars feedback rating on this product..

Swampeast Mike
5 Stars

Seeing is Believing
June 28, 2008
With about 10 hours of work, I have successfully repaired over 70 imperfections on a 9 year-old, dual-layer, "white diamond" paint job. This was a job my uncle, a master body man who knew my painting skills and patience called "difficult" saying, "We [his shop] won't try it--not white diamond." The imperfections ran the gamut: many tiny pings (virtual pinholes sometimes into the primer); quite rough lower door edges, a few larger areas (most still smaller than a tiny pea--sometimes in the top layer only, and sometimes down to the primer), long, one minor but obnoxiously long scratch through the clearcoat, one short deeper scratch into the base paint; etc. The door edges are perfect. The leading edge of the hood and outside mirrors were peppered with tiny imperfections--both are now virtually flawless under close examination. The long, shallow scratch is nearly gone; the deeper, shorter scratch is only slightly noticeable. The Langka PrePaint is safe to the paint, fast and highly effective. The Blob Eliminator works exactly as named. The Blob can be perfectly removed. I could not see the paint being removed to the cloth as the Blob Eliminator is white. It was however easy to get the feel and I quickly learned when to let up pressure and speed. Deeper repairs require more drying time lest you pull out some of the repair. The included touch-up brushes were perfect for my larger repairs. For most I used toothpicks, both flat and slightly blunted round. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. With reasonable skills and patience, many repairs will be flawless.

G. Ross
5 Stars

September 27, 2006
Used this product on my wifes black BMW, and the paint chips on the hood have all but disappeared. Highly recommend.