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LANGKA The Blob Eliminator

Remove excess touch-up paint for seamless scratch repair!

Does your vehicle have noticeable chips and scratches all over the hood from flying rocks and debris? You’re not alone. This is the most common problem experienced by vehicle owners. Before you put globs of touch-up paint on those blemishes, read about an amazing product from LANGKA.

The big problem of automotive touch-up paint is the difficulty of blending it with the original paint. Because of the thick consistency, it tends to form a blob that stands above the paint surface rather than settling into the blemish. LANGKA has solved the problem of paint blobs with The Blob Eliminator.

The Blob Eliminator is formulated to soften the excess paint and allow you to wipe it away, leaving the corrected area perfectly smooth. Use The Blob Eliminator after allowing the touch-up paint to completely dry. To apply this product properly, you need a plastic card (included) or similar, flat item. Cover it in a soft cloth, like an old T-shirt or pillow case. Pull the fabric taut over the card and twist the excess fabric behind the card so that you’re holding the card by the fabric. Apply a generous amount of The Blob Eliminator to the smooth, covered side of the card. Rub the card lightly back and forth across the painted area. As the excess paint shows up on the cloth, apply less pressure until the blob is completely gone.

The Blob Eliminator is part of the LANGKA Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit. You may also purchase it separately here as a refill for the kit or to use by itself. Just be sure to clean the area with a water and alcohol mixture before applying touch-up paint. After using The Blob Eliminator, you will need to seal the paint.

After using The Blob Eliminator, the chip or scratch should be undetectable! This product is the secret behind professional quality paint chip repair. With The Blob Eliminator from LANGKA, you can repair chips and scratches like a professional without paying a professional price!

Note: The Blob Eliminator is not recommended for lacquer painted surfaces.

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LANGKA The Blob Eliminator

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