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Griots Garage Glass Polish

Griots Garage Glass Polish
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Remove water spots and calcium deposits with Griot's Garage Glass Polish. Enjoy clearer, cleaner, smoother glass with better visibility. Griot's Garage Glass Polish removes heavier, rough-feeling water spots and mineral deposits from windshields and windows, shower doors, and glass doors.

Water spots sneak up on you until one day, the arc of your windshield wipers is perfectly outlined in cloudy water spots. Griot's Garage Glass Polish was developed precisely for this problem. Its polishing compounds eliminate heavily calcified deposits to clarify glass and make it smoother to the touch.

Water spots are actually mineral deposits that are left after raindrops evaporate. They can also occur from sprinklers and water hoses because minerals are found in all water. Calcium is the mineral that gives water spots their rough texture cloudy appearance.

Griot's Garage Glass Polish is designed specifically for glass so it's safe on glass. The tiny abrasives polish away calcified minerals to make the glass smooth again. As a result, windshield wipers will last longer because they're not skipping over uneven glass. Wipers will glide over the glass, eliminating more water and improving your visibility while driving.

Griot's Garage Glass Polish can also be used on shower doors and other glass doors to remove water spots. Griot's Garage Glass Polish is only for uncoated glass so do not use it on interior auto glass with window tint.

Griot's Garage Glass Polish

Griot's Garage Glass Polish can be applied by hand with a microfiber applicator or with Griot's Garage Glass Polishing Pads.

Griot's Garage Glass Polish is simple to apply by hand or machine. First clean the glass to remove any debris that could scratch the glass. Then spread the polish over the glass using a Griot's Garage Glass Polishing Pad on either the 6 inch or 3 inch Griot's Garage Orbital Polisher. Buff with a Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cloth.

Water spots are constantly occurring every time it rains or your vehicle gets wet. Use Griot's Garage Glass Polish periodically to maintain clarity and improve the performance of your wipers. Griot's Garage Glass Polish also shaves some age off your vehicle by making the glass look newer.

Enjoy crystal clear perfection and better visibility with Griot's Garage Glass Polish.

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Griots Garage Glass Polish
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Griots Garage Glass Polish
2 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
2 Stars

Not Impressed
December 5, 2013
Bought this along with some Griot's glass polishing pads and was unable to remove anything other than water spots. This does not remove fine scratches!