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Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection

Duplicate the wet gloss of carnauba with a paint sealant!

Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection delivers a high gloss shine in an easy-to-apply, liquid paint sealant. The synthetic sealant with Polycharger polymers offers months of protection and a depth of shine similar to a carnauba wax.

Polycharger makes it better! Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection contains Polycharger polymers to boost shine, durability, and protection. Polycharger is already added to the formula. Enjoy slicker, shinier results with Polycharger!

Traditionally, paint sealants did not offer the kind of head-turning shine that are characteristic of carnauba waxes. However, if you wanted speedy application and long-term durability, a paint sealant was and is the only way to go. Four Star married the best characteristics of both polymer sealants and carnauba wax into their Ultimate Paint Protection paint sealant.

Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection’s proprietary formula shields your vehicle’s paint from environmental pollution, hard water, acid rain, salt, and UV rays. The slick, shiny finish lasts for several months through numerous washes with a nonalkaline car wash.

Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection’s finish has the depth and reflectivity that was formerly only available from a carnauba wax. The sealant works beautifully on all colors and types of paint.

To apply Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection, apply a thin coat by hand with a polyfoam applicator. For machine application, we recommend using a Porter Cable 7424XP with a blue finessing pad working at a low speed. UPP can be applied to the entire vehicle before buffing. Use a Cobra Deluxe Microfiber Bonnet over a lambswool pad or a Cobra Microfiber Towel to remove the sealant.

Four Star UPP can be layered over itself or a carnauba topper can be applied on top of the sealant once it is cured for additional wetness and gloss.

Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection is an excellent value for a premium paint sealant. It only takes a very small amount to protect your entire vehicle. With the durability of a sealant and the shine of a carnauba, Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection is in a class all its own.

16 oz.

Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection

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