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Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer 5.29 oz. Tube

By popular demand, we now stock this amazing, versatile product!

Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer is available in a paste or liquid form. Flitz will clean, polish, and protect any non-porous surface safely. There are no ammonia or abrasive ingredients.

Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer will work wonders on brass, copper, silverplate, sterling, chrome, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, gold, aluminum, anodized aluminum, pewter, fiberglass, Corian, glass, Formica, acrylics, Plexiglas, and all Powercoat and Gelcoat painted surfaces.

The cleaning agents in Flitz will aggressively remove tarnish, rust, water stains, oxidation, bugs, tar, bird droppings and fingerprints. The finish left behind will resist tarnish and make future cleaning easier.

Flitz leaves a layer of clear protection on treated surfaces. On fiberglass and gel-coated boats, you can expect 6 months of durable protection in fresh water and 3 months in salt water.

  • Wheels
  • Bumpers
  • Exhaust Stacks
  • Running Boards
  • Chrome
  • Fiberglass Surfaces
  • Valve Covers
  • Motorcycle Casings
  • Headers
  • Clearcoat Paint
  • Powder Paint
  • Gelcoat Paint

  • Door Hardware
  • Faucets
  • Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Shower Doors
  • Fireplaces
  • Stove Tops
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Window and Door Frames
  • Leaded Glass
  • Jewelry
  • Trophies
  • Brass Beds
  • Silver
  • Shower Enclosures
  • Flatware
  • Stanchions
  • Bow Rails
  • Hardware
  • Port Holes
  • Winches
  • Fiberglass
  • Plexiglas
  • Eisen Glass
  • Knives & Lures
  • Railings
  • Outriggers
  • Rods & Reels
5.29 oz. tube (150 gram)

Cut your work time in half! Use the Flitz Polishing Ball to apply and remove polish and to work hard-to-reach areas.

Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer 5.29 oz. Tube

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Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer 5.29 oz. Tube
5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
Central Florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good quality product
November 14, 2016
Been using Flitz for many years, no complaints
Works on many materials. Best all around metal polish I have ever tried

Dan G
cenetrville, ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great on Stainless
April 1, 2016
Used to keep my stainless exhaust tips and chrome wheels on the motorcycle clean. Easy to use and cleans up great....

New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great stuff
October 7, 2015
I've been using this in the marine industry for years. It easily tackles salt water oxidation on aluminum and stainless. And, like Tony's review below, I also own a Ram truck w/ chrome exhaust tips. Flitz works wonders on them. And, as for Heather's review below, she is 100% correct on it working on jewelry. I'm a marine mechanic, and I always wear my gold wedding ring. It gets pretty dull/tarnished as you can imagine. I made a little device out of a 3M 2" disc sander drill adapter wrapped with a little electrical tape to fit my ring securely, and wedge my ring onto it, then into the drill chuck. I then take an oil-absorbent pad and dab a little Flitz in about 4-5 spots in a line on the edge. Run the ring into the first dab. (You'll see the black colored tarnish instantly!) Then buff on a clean part of the pad. Repeat this for the next few dabs. Gentlemen, when your wife notices how shiny your wedding ring looks........... Let's just say it's a good thing. Lol.
Great product. Easy to use.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product!
May 28, 2014
I recently purchased this polish to clean the inside of the exhaust tips on my Ram P/U and Camaro RS 2SS. It worked great and got them looking like new, without having to use any steel wool. I highly recommend this product.
Works like it claims

5 Stars

October 20, 2011
I love Flitz! The first time I used it, it was after my husband brought it home from a race. I have never given him his tube back. He had to purchase a new one. I use my flitz on jewelry with all kinds of metals and it works really well.

Frank Snyder
5 Stars

Flitz Polish
August 19, 2010
One of the easiest and complete dull finish and tarnish removers I have used. You really don't have to scrub hard . The product breaks down the grime and tarnish chemically. Wipe off to a brillant shine.