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CarPro Cquartz Fabric Coating 100 ml.

CarPro Cquartz Fabric Coating 100 ml.
Protect fabric against accidental spills and water damage

CarPro Cquartz Fabric Coating is a high-tech coating based on advanced nanotechnology that provides the utmost in protection for fabric surfaces. Treated fabric surfaces will be protected against liquids, dirt, body oils and water, extending the life of the material. Cquartz Fabric Coating is easy to use; simply spray it on and walk away!

Coatings manufactured by CarPro utilize the latest in cutting edge nanotechnology and Cquartz Fabric Coating is no exception. While traditional fabric coatings cause the material to be stiff and scratchy, Cquartz Fabric Coating allows the material to breathe, retaining its natural feel and flexible nature.

The secret of Cquartz Fabric Coating lies within the advanced chemistry pioneered by Carpro. Cquartz Fabric Coating transforms the substrate into a super hydrophobic surface; water and other liquids will bead up and roll off, leaving the surface unharmed and perfectly dry. As soon as you spray Cquartz Fabric Coating on the surface, the nano particles attach to the individual fibers, providing instant protection.

Cquartz Fabric Coating can be used on furniture, convertible tops, sunshades, car seats, and textiles! What’s more, Cquartz Fabric Coating is resistant to harsh or caustic detergents.

Directions for FABRIC application:
  1. Thoroughly clean the surface before application and ensure that it is completely dry.
  2. Spray Cquartz Fabric Coating onto the surface.
  3. Park the vehicle in the sun or use a heat gun (with caution) to dry the coating.
100 ml.

CarPro Cquartz Fabric Coating 100 ml.
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CarPro Cquartz Fabric Coating 100 ml.
2.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
2 Stars

Not impressed
September 10, 2014
After watching the videos on this product and haveing great results using other products from Capro I decided to try this. First attempt was on car mats. The sprayer did not work correctly and leaked all over. I did repel some water but alot soaked in. After messing with the with it I was able to get it to spray a little better and tested it out on a couple of cleaned(steam cleaned) throw pillows. after curing with a heat gun and letting them air dry for a day the product worked ok, It did repel water but not like in the videos some water did penetrate into the pillows. I tried heavy coats and light coats with the same results.
Fabric stays flexible and soft

Houston, TX
2 Stars

Used on viper convertible top
September 3, 2014
Used as directed but now the fabric top is sticky feeling. Car sat in sun and I used a blow dryer on it. It's been 3 days since it was applied and it still feels sticky. Not happy with results.

Buffalo, NY
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Just applied
April 13, 2014
When I first received this, I thought wow for the money I sure didn't get alot but after apply to car seats, I still had some leftover. My seats are cloth & leatherette, so I sprayed on & wiped over the seats. Seemed to work well. Smell lasted less than a week. I don't know if product works yet but time will tell.