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Nextzett Windscreen Clear NEW LOOK!

Nextzett Windscreen Clear <font color=red>NEW LOOK!<font>
New name and new label, but it's the same product you've known and loved for years!

Get clean, streak-free results on the first try with 1Z Einszett!

1Z Einszett Windscreen Clear is a concentrated glass cleaner for windshields, mirrors, plastic headlight lenses and windscreens. Windscreen Clear easily removes dirt, grease, wax and silicone leaving a streak-free finish. Ammonia-free formula makes it safe for use on paintwork, chrome, rubber, and window tint. Environmentally friendly formula is propellant-free.

Glass and plastic are among the most difficult surfaces to clean on your vehicle, but 1Z Einszett has formulated a solution that truly works. Wipe away oily road films, dirt, and grime from all clear plastic and glass automotive surfaces using one simple yet effective product. 1Z Einszett Windscreen Clear is a glass cleaner for people that hate cleaning glass. It cleans the glass and leaves it streak-free so you don’t spend all afternoon laboring over your windshield. Spray, wipe, and you’re finished.

1Z Einszett Windscreen Clear easily removes contaminants that your average ammonia-based glass cleaner just smears around: things like grease, wax, and exhaust film. 1Z Einszett Windscreen Clear eliminates these stubborn contaminants to maintain high visibility and better windshield wiper performance.

1Z Einszett Windscreen Clear is safe on virtually any automotive surface thanks to its ammonia-free formula. Clean plastics, chrome, rubber, paint and, yes, 1Z Einszett Windscreen Clear is safe on window tint. This glass cleaner is environmentally friendly yet still incredibly effective at removing the most difficult grime. 1Z Einszett Windscreen Clear contains no propellant.

1Z Einszett Windscreen Clear is a total surface cleaner for car windows, windshields, headlights, instrument panels, mirrors, and so much more. Clean glass onc, the right way, with 1Z Einszett Windscreen Clear.

16.9 fl. oz. (500 ml)

Cannot ship to California.

Nextzett Windscreen Clear NEW LOOK!
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1Z Einszett Windscreen Clear
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
New Mexico
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Streak free, nice shine
June 1, 2015
Really liked this product. Makes cleaning windows so easy. No streaks, and no going back over it again to remove the streaks&#8230; Note that this is a "concentrate" that you mix 1:1 with water (I used distilled water) so you get twice the amount. (I'm going to try their other product next in the car's window washing solution.)

5 Stars

Best of the best
March 18, 2012
To date ive tried, sprayway, meguiars, chemcial guys and stoners. This is by far the best . It cleans really tough grime but finishes down to a streak free shine.

5 Stars

Great Product
November 2, 2011
Great cleaner. Works well. I am not great with glass and was very pleased by the strong streak free cleaning. IMO better than Invisible Glass and even Mothers glass cleaner.