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Duragloss Absorb-It Odor Eliminator #371

Duragloss Absorb-It Odor Eliminator #371
Eliminate odors instantly with Absorb-It!

Duragloss Absorb-It is formulated to eliminate odors on fabric, carpet and other areas inside an auto. Simply spray and odors vanish. Absorb-It is a great product for pet owners!

If your vehicle’s interior doesn’t have a fresh smell to go along with its well-maintained exterior, give Duragloss Absorb-It a try. This fast-acting odor eliminator surrounds and absorbs the odor molecules in the air and on fabrics and carpet. The spray formula even eliminates odors inside air conditioning ducts to completely rid your vehicle of unwelcome smells.

This is an excellent product for pet owners. Animals don’t always have to make a mess to leave a smell. Duragloss Absorb-It will absorb the musty odor of you family pet to leave your car smelling clean.

Mildew smells that emanate from air vents can be quickly eliminated with Duragloss Absorb-It. Because the product diffuses through the air, it will absorb odors as it passes through the ducts.

Eliminate lingering food smells, damp odors, and stale smoke with Duragloss Absorb-It. Just mist the air, fabrics and carpet inside your vehicle to quickly eliminate all malodors. (This product is not recommended for vinyl or leather).

To use, simply spray Duragloss Absorb-It inside your vehicle. It works instantly to eliminate odors and dries quickly so you can drive your vehicle almost immediately.

16 oz. trigger spray

Duragloss Absorb-It Odor Eliminator #371
Item #: DG-371
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Duragloss Absorb-It Odor Eliminator #371
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Ron in Pennsylvania
Exton, PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Wow! This is great stuff!
July 17, 2016
I purchased a used Jeep from my local Jeep dealer and apparently the previous owner had MANY dogs that rode in the vehicle with him. After purchasing the vehicle I made an appointment with one of those carpet cleaning places to have the seats and carpet professionally cleaned and deodorized. Well to make a long story short the professional cleaning didn't help, not even a little bit. Being an Autogeek customer I decided to look for something, ANYTHING that would help with the odor : ( Well this item is everything and MORE! This product worked 100 times better at destroying the odor than the professional carpet cleaning company! Do NOT hesitate purchasing this! FANTASTIC PRODUCT, 5 STARS ALL DAY LONG.
works BETTER than advertised, easy to use-just vacuum all loose dirt and debris and spray your way to freshness!
none, don't hesitate to buy this product.

5 Stars

Really Works
May 30, 2007
I use this in cars that have nasty smelss in them. Smoker and pet smells are easliy removed using this product. Can't beat it especially for the price.

Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
5 Stars

Kills the odors
May 29, 2007
just like the name it really does eliminate the odors...better than any of the odor eaters you buy off the supermarket shelves...

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