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Chemical Guys Vertua-Bond 408 16 oz.

Chemical Guys Vertua-Bond 408 16 oz.

Take paste waxes and paint sealants to the next level!

Chemical Guys Vertua-Bond 408 is the ultimate is surface prep product. Vertua-Bond 408 prepares paintwork and fiberglass surfaces with bonding agents that create the perfect situation for sealants or paste waxes. Vertua-Bond 408 allows products to perform the way the chemists intended, so you get maximum bang for your buck.

Chemical Guys Vertu-Bond 408 lightly cleanses the paint of dead, dull, oxidized paint, minor oxidization, moderate surface scratches, accumulated road film, tar and calcium/acid rain deposits. Vertua-Bond 408 revives the original paint luster, making it ideal for first time sealant or wax users. Vertua-Bond 408 is an essential first step for proper bonding. This product is formulated with essential oils to restore and enrich paint, leaving a wet, glossy surface that is prepped for sealant or wax application.

What happens if you do not prep the paint before wax? The oils, dirt, and oxidation on the paint will inhibit wax or sealant bonding and diminish the paint's shine. Only a paint surface properly prepped with Vertua-Bond will reveal the true potential of your Chemical Guys wax or paint sealant.

Chemical Guys Vertu-Bond 408 can be applied by hand or with a machine. A light finishing pad or ultra light polishing pad is recommended.

16 oz.

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Chemical Guys Vertua-Bond 408 16 oz.
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Chemical Guys Vertua-Bond 408 16 oz.
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