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Heavyweight Buff & Polish Towel

Heavyweight Buff & Polish Towel
Try to find a towel that weighs more - we dare you!

This thick, absorbent microfiber towel is perfect for any detailing step that requires removing liquids such as spray detailers, spray waxes or sealants and waterless washes. The thick, non-directional weave of the long, high-profile open-ended pile microfibers are capable of absorbing tremendous amounts of liquid deep into the nap, allowing you to get the job done faster!

Satin Edge of Silkiness
The edges of this luxuriously plush microfiber towel are sewn using 100% microfiber satin finish threads for a safe and silky border that won’t damage delicate scratch-sensitive surfaces and modern clear coat finishes. The satin trim helps prevent swirls and scratches keeping your car looking show room new.

More microfiber = more performance
The total cleaning surface area of the Heavyweight Buff & Polish Towel is increased exponentially due to the dense and highly concentrated ratio of fibers per square inch. A single satin edge towel will do the work of several inferior towels, with cleaning power to spare!

Protects as you wipe
Thick abundant and plush microfiber strands in the Heavyweight Buff & Polish Towel allow dirt, dust and other particulates to bury deep into the nap. This protects your car’s scratch-sensitive clear coat finish. Each strand of these towels is open ended, not looped like some other towels. Open ended strands allow dirt and dust particles to be more easily released during washing, making these towels safe to use again and again.

Heavyweight Performer
The Heavyweight Buff & Polish Towel weighs in at whopping four ounces! It feels heavy because it is heavy! Each towel is made from hundreds of thousands of premium density packed microfiber strands creating a compact pillow of plushness.


  • 100% Satin Edged
  • Dimensions: 16” x 16”
  • 100% microfiber: 75% Polyester and 25% Polyamide
  • Hi Profile open-ended nap
  • Machine Wash and Dry

Heavyweight Buff & Polish Towel
Item #: MF-HVBP1616
Our Price: $9.99
Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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Heavyweight Buff & Polish Towel
4.5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
5 Stars

September 19, 2013
Extremely soft and kind to your paint. Expensive, but worth it !!!!!!!!!

2 Stars

August 31, 2013
Bad linting even after 6 washings

ryan guinn
5 Stars

Best I've used
July 6, 2013
Bought 3 and used them today for a QD on my black A5. Thought I'd need two but one towel did the whole car without a scratch. Definitely buying more

5 Stars

Awesome Towel!
May 29, 2013
I got two of these as the free gift with my recent order. I thought that I had some nice towels already (have bought a lot of cobra towels) but these are the best of the best! They are super soft and the website does not describe how