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Glass Science Fog Clear Liquid

Glass Science Fog Clear Liquid
Prevent fog, steam, and mist from clouding your visibility!

Fog Clear by Glass Science eliminates interior fogging of the windshield, windows, and mirrors. One clear coat absorbs moisture to eliminate condensation instantly. Maintain optimum visibility even in humid, rainy, or cold conditions.

Glass Science is made by the same company that developed RainX®. Unelko, parent company of Glass Science, sold RainX® in 1997 but continued their research and development of glass care products, making new leaps in "preventative cleaning" technology. Today, Glass Science offers the best glass protection available for automobiles!

Here in Florida, the humidity and frequent summer rains can cause windows, mirrors, and even eye glasses to fog up without warning. When driving into moisture-heavy air, car windshields and mirrors instantly become foggy. The air conditioner and defrost controls sometimes take a lot of guesswork to get rid of the fog. Eliminate it instantly with Fog Clear.

Glass Science Fog Clear Liquid quickly clears up windows, mirrors, and windshield fog-free, rain or shine. Even in cold weather, Fog Clear Liquid keeps working to maintain optimum visibility until the fog-causing conditions have ceased.

Glass Science Fog Clear Liquid works by filling in microscopic glass pores. It instantly absorbs existing moisture on the glass and while condensation is in the air. The liquid is completely clear and streak-free.


Glass Science Fog Clear is made by the inventor of RainX!

Fog Clear applied to the interior glass will eliminate fog by absorbing moisture.

Apply Glass Science Fog Clear to helmet visors, goggles, auto windshields and windows, and mirrors as needed to remove fog. Use Fog Clear Liquid on bathroom mirrors to keep them clear during a hot shower.

Glass Science Fog Clear makes glass clear and fog-free! A little of this concentrated liquid goes a long way. Apply Glass Science Fog Clear to all interior auto windows and mirrors, plus helmet visors and goggles, to prevent fog, steam, and mist from obstructing your visibility.

9 fl. oz.

Glass Science Fog Clear Liquid
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Glass Science Fog Clear Liquid
3 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
3 Stars

On the right track
September 19, 2014
Fog clear is okay it doesn't eliminate fog like it says though. It reduced the thickness of the fog so the fogging isn't as bad and it cleans the glass quite well. The directions on the bottle say apply evenly over the surface and let dry do NOT let this dry on the glass or you will have smears and smudges all over the glass. I found the only way to stop the smearing is to apply then basically scrub the glass dry with a clean dry cloth. I also found that if i didn't wipe it dry really well i could see smear marks on the glass from standing outside the car even if the glass wasn't fogged up. I think fog clear could be a great product given a bit more time as it does reduce fogging and clean the glass.
Cleans glass pretty well reduces fogging low price
smears really bad doesn't eliminate fog as claimed