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Automotive K-9 Upholstery & Carpet Mitt

Automotive K-9 Upholstery & Carpet Mitt
It’ll Get Fido’s Hair Off There!

The K-9 Mitt makes pet hair cleanup quick and easy! Just wipe away pet hair from car seats and carpet.

One trip to the park, beach, or veterinarian with even the most well groomed pooch can wreak havoc on your car’s interior. We love our pets, but most of us can’t stand loose pet hair. Left on car seats, Fido’s fur finds its way onto clothing and into everything! In a world where appearance is everything, we always want to step out looking our best. Finally, there’s a quick fix to the dog hair dilemma… and the best part… you don’t need to drag out the vacuum!

This handy K-9 Mitt Upholstery Mitt makes dealing with dog hair quick and easy. So small it can be kept conveniently in your car. It’s the simple way to collect unwanted loose hairs and other debris, and it works greyhound fast!

There are two sides to every story… the K-9 Mitt is no exception. It’s covered with a stiff but gentle hook material on one side and a durable terrycloth on the other, giving the K-9 Mitt dual cleaning surfaces. The hook side is great for lifting and removing even stubborn dog hair. The terrycloth side can be used to buff away “nose print” and other tell tale signs that man’s best friend has been a recent passenger.

Ease of use is key with the K-9 Mitt. Just slip it over your hand and wipe. Use a sweeping motion to remove dog hair with the “hooked” side. The terrycloth side can be used dry or slightly damp. It’s that easy!

The K-9 Mitt is safe to use on upholstery and carpet and is manufactured and assembled to last! Use it over and over again! It’s machine washable and quickly air dries.

So go ahead, bring Rover for a ride! The K-9 Mitt makes clean up a breeze. Keep one at home and one in the car. Spend less time cleaning, and more time playing fetch!

Approximate size - 5" x 10"

Automotive K-9 Upholstery & Carpet Mitt
Item #: K9-540
Our Price: $7.99
Availability: Usually ships the same business day

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Automotive K-9 Upholstery & Carpet Mitt