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Zymol Field Glaze

Zymol Field GlazeQuality protection, quick application!

Zymol Field Glaze is a high-quality spray wax that will allow you to quickly give your current protection product a re-up to maintain the flawless shine of your paint. Zymol Field Glaze is designed using a formula that contains only pure ingredients such as nourishing oils and carnauba, making it safe for use on any and all types of paint. Zymol Field Glaze will be able to remove dust, fingerprints, smudges, or other light soil from your paint to restore the glossy perfection your paint typically boasts. Zymol Field Glaze can even be used as a standalone protection product to provide you the option of achieving a great shine and protection in a fraction of the time of a paste wax.

We have all been there before, you are showing off your freshly-waxed car to your friends, family, or peers and one of them reaches out and drags their fingers across the perfect finish, leaving unsightly finger prints and smudges imbedded in the surface of your previously immaculate paint. This gathering of your peers may not be the most appropriate time to break out the bucket, hose, and car shampoo to remove these imperfections from the paint, so how does one solve this issue in a quick and efficient manner? Zymol Field Glaze is the perfect solution to this problem. It will allow you to effectively rid your paint of these troublesome imperfections and restore the perfect glossy finish you worked so hard to achieve.

Even if you are not likely to be placed in the annoying situation outlined above, you may be familiar with another irking downside of an addiction to glossy paint. Keeping your paint up to the admittedly scrutinous standard of most detailers takes an enormous amount of time. Between constantly correcting the minor scratches and swirls that crop-up, weekly washes, and reapplying your preferred finishing product, it may seem impossible to be able to maintain a life outside of detailing your car. Being able to reduce the amount of time you have to pour into applying a wax to your car will allow you to drastically cut the amount of time you have to spend detailing your car. Zymol Field Glaze allows you that very ability by allowing you to apply a healthy layer of wax to your paint in a much quicker and simpler manner. Just a spraying Zymol Field Glaze onto your paint and wiping it off is enough to keep your paint looking great and properly protected.

1. Shake well before using.
2. Spray a light mist over an area approximately 3 feet by 3 feet; allow to dwell for 30 seconds
3. Using a clean, dry microfiber towel, distribute the product evenly across the surface.
4. Flip the towel and buff the surface to a high gloss shine.
5. For quick cleaning of smudges or fingerprints, spray product directly onto clean microfiber cloth and gently wipe away the mark.

8 oz.


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