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Zymol Wheel Coat

Zymol Wheel Coat Protects your wheel investment!

Zymol Wheel Coat lets you provide a quality level of protection to the area of your vehicle that sees the most damage, your wheels. Zymol Wheel Coat will protect your wheels from the never-ending onslaught of brake dust, road grime, road film, and tar. Zymol Wheel Coat is formulated using a high-quality mixture of polymers, spun tallow and castile soaps, spearmint oil extract, citric turpine, cetyl cocoamide, and oat colloids. Zymol Wheel Coat makes protecting your wheels easier than ever before with its extremely simple application process. Zymol Wheel Coat will also provide a brilliant shine to your wheels regardless of what type of wheels you have.

The most focused on and discussed aspect of detailing is far and away the painted surfaces of the vehicle. The painted surfaces of a vehicle may be the most noticed and most appreciated, but there are other areas on your vehicle that may require just as much, if not more attention. Your paint definitely sees its fair share of damage and contaminants, but it does not even compare to the number of dangerous hazards to which your wheels are subjected. It is for this reason that your wheels also require the same love and attention that most people reserve only for their paint. Zymol Wheel Coat will afford you that ability to ensure that your wheels will receive the level of protection that require to ensure they always look as great as your paint does.

Zymol Wheel Coat is able to boast such great protection thanks to the phenomenal ingredients that are included in its formula. Zymol Wheel Coat contains ingredients such as a healthy mixture of polymers, spun tallow and castile soaps, spearmint oil extract, citric turpine, cetyl cocoamide, and oat colloids. All of these ingredients work together beautifully to provide your paint with a layer of durable protection that allows you to drive your vehicle without fear of the constant onslaught of contaminants and dangers that they face every day. Often times, the factor that prevents most people for giving their wheels the care they require is the difficulty that working on your wheels carries. Your wheels are absolutely riddled with miniscule nooks and crannies that prevent you from being able to adequately detail them. Zymol Wheel Coat will make detailing your wheels worlds easier thanks to its easy application process. All you have to do to apply Zymol Wheel Coat is simply spray it on your wheels and let it dry.

If you are person who is passionate about providing a lustrous shine to your paint, then it is a fair bet that that passion extends to your wheels as well. Zymol Wheel Coat will definitely be able to help you bring your passion to fruition thanks to its high-quality ingredients and magnificent formulation!

8 oz.