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Zymol Carbon Vinyl Smart Kit

Keep your paint AND your vinyl pristine!

The Zymol Carbon Vinyl Smart Kit contains every product you will need to wash, perfect, and wax your painted surface. The Zymol Carbon Vinyl Smart Kit will also allow you to properly protect and condition your vinyl surfaces. The Zymol Carbon Vinyl Smart Kit is the ideal choice for those who own cars that have a convertible top made out of vinyl. The Zymol Carbon Vinyl Smart Kit includes not only the fantastic Zymol shampoos, cleansers, conditioner, and wax you will need to accomplish an impeccable shine on your car, but it also contains the applicators you need to apply them!

Zymol Clear Auto Bathe will allow you to first clean your paint of dirt, road film, and other large contaminants. Zymol Clear Auto Bathe is formulated using nourishing oils and spun tallow soaps that will gently remove unwanted contaminants from your paint without removing your existing wax in the process. Zymol Clear Auto Bathe is a great choice of car shampoo whether you are washing your car for the first time or just doing your weekly maintenance wash to keep your paint clean.

Zymol HD-Cleanse will prep your paint surface to maximize the look and the protection of the wax you apply to your paint. Zymol HD-Cleanse will be able to eliminate light oxidation and scratches that leave your paint surface looking dull and lackluster. While it removes these imperfections, Zymol HD-Cleanse will further clean your paint surface by breaking-down the build-up of road film and other environmental contaminants to bring your paint to a flawless finish. Zymol HD-Cleanse has an extremely viscous consistency that makes the application process user-friendly and easy to use.

Zymol Carbon Wax is luxury level wax that is specialized to bring out a warm gloss that compliments darker colored paints and brings them to the height of their potential. Zymol Carbon Wax contains the highest quality carnauba and nourishing oils to provide a durable layer of protection that will keep your paint looking its best for months after application.

Zymol Vinyl Conditioner will ensure that the looks of your trim pieces are up to the same par your paint will be at using this fantastic kit. Zymol Vinyl Conditioner contains special conditioning agents that will restore the moisture to your trim and helps reverse the aging process for those surfaces. Zymol Vinyl Conditioner can be used on both vinyl and plastic surfaces to ensure that no matter what trim you have, you are covered. Zymol Vinyl Conditioner is made using a solvent-free formula to prevent any negative effects or damage to your trim pieces during use.

The Zymol Carbon Vinyl Smart Kit also comes with 2 wax applicators to apply the products contained in the kit. These dense foam applicators are specifically designed to apply a thin, even layer of your favorite sealant to wax. These applicators work especially well with Zymol’s waxes and finishing products.

You will also receive a Zymol Microwipe whose quad-axial nylon and nytril material weave will ensure absolute softness to maximize the results of your finishing products. These Microwipes have the unique ability to repel wax to ensure that your wax is not taken off completely during the buffing process. These Microwipes will at the same time absorb the dust off of the paint surface to further ensure a perfect shine. The microscopic fibers that cover the surface of these Microwipes will prevent the surface of the paint from becoming scratched or marred during the waxing process.

Zymol Carbon Vinyl Smart Kit

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Zymol Carbon Vinyl Smart Kit