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Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner

Clean and condition the paint with every wash!

Why just wash your car when you can restore the shine? Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner cleans your vehicle and enhances it with natural paint conditioners. Your vehicle is left looking shiny, slick, and beautifully clean after every car wash.

Make the most of the time you spend washing your vehicle. Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner does more than safely wash away grime. It also renews the shine of the existing wax with nourishing oils and polymers. Long after the vehicle is dry, it will have a wet-looking shine.

Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner produces rich, fragrant suds.
Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner is a fantastic car shampoo by any standards. It releases oil, grease, and dirt from the paint and encapsulates gritty particles to prevent scratching. Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner lays down polymers that help safeguard the vehicle while you wash, and they stay behind to create the deep shine left after the wash.

The paint will actually be in better condition after you wash! Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner nourishes the paint to make it look fresher and brighter. Conditioning oils reactivate the existing wax to restore a just-waxed shine.

Beyond shine enhancement, Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner reduces water spots. The layer of gloss left on the paint promotes water sheeting. Fewer water droplets are left on the vehicle, resulting in faster drying time and fewer water spots.

Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner is pH-balanced and does not strip wax or paint sealants. In fact, it leaves a clear layer of polymers to reinvigorate the existing paint protection. Follow up with Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax to further boost the shine and protection.

When washing your vehicle, always follow these simple tips to avoid swirls. Rinse out your wash mitt frequently. Wash from the top down and around. The bottom of the vehicle should be the last area washed. Replace your wash mitt when it becomes rough or worn out. Finally, always use a high lubricity car wash like Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner.

32 oz.

Learn more about Made in USA Certification.

Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo & Conditioner

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17% Recommend this product (1 of 6 responses)
Better than most others
I used xmt gel shampoo today on wife's A4. The first thing I noticed was how little shampoo gel I had to use to fill a bucket with suds - one ounce was all I needed. The shampoo did a great job cleaning the paint and left behind an amazing shine. The car was also much easier to dry compared to washing with lesser soaps.
ProsSmells great, creates tons of suds with very little product Leaves a brilliant shine behind
Nothing Special
I love the 360 Spray wax, so I thought I would try the shampoo/conditioner........Its nothing special. The suds dont last that long and the lubricity is fair at best. Mother's California Gold with carnuba is much better at a cheaper price.
Best yet
I caught a Buy One Get One Free sale on this so I decided to go for it. Up until now I've been using some basic Meguiar's wash, and this blows Meguiar's away. (No offense to Meguiars of course)

It creates plenty of Suds, and a little goes a long way. Two bottles will last me quite a while, but when I run out, I will be buying more.
New And Improved Version
Seriously a contender for best shampoo available!
LOVED IT!! + surprise BONUS
I bought my blizzard white pearl car used. It had been detailed. I washed it several times. But with this shampoo, it came out looking like NEW!! and the BONUS? Best JEWELRY CLEANER EVER!! After washing my car, my diamond rings have never looked bette. Seriously. Going to keep some of this aside for jewelry cleaner.