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Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax 64 oz.

Dress your vehicle in Xtreme shine with high grade wax protection...from a spray!

Simply stunning. That's how you'll describe Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax. There's no easier way to give your paint finish durable protection and a head-turning gloss. Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax packs all the benefits of a traditional carnauba wax - plus incredible durability - into a sizzling spray. The liquid wax formula goes on without streaking and bonds in a cross-linked coat of protection that feels as good as it looks!

XMT Series is devoted to enhancing and preserving automobiles with no-nonsense, high quality products. That's just what you can expect from Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax. XMT's chemist took the building blocks of a great wax - natural carnauba and advanced polymers - and synthesized them into a high-bonding, high gloss spray wax. It sounds complicated but, for you, it couldn't be easier. Just spray on Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax and the paint will instantly look deeper, more vibrant, and wetter. Plus, Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax provides high grade paint protection to keep your vehicle looking sharp.

XMT 360 Spray Wax protects all types of paint.
Spray and wipe with a soft, clean microfiber towel. Flip the towel and buff to a brilliant shine.

The basis of Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax is No. 1 grade carnauba wax, imported from Brazil. This is the very best natural wax on earth. Carnauba wax has a shine that is second to none, it is water-repellent, and it provides natural UV protection. Carnauba's only challenge is that it's rock hard. Through careful processing, Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax has retained all the benefits of carnauba wax and overcome it's hard consistency. Few liquid waxes capture the essence of a carnauba shine like Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax.

The addition of sealant-type polymers gives XMT 360 Spray Wax enhanced durability, shine, and protection compared to an ordinary wax.

Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax is a true spray wax, not a quick detailer. This product stands on its own with the protection of carnauba wax plus high-bonding polymers. The paint will be well-protected from UV rays, moisture, and dirt. Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax creates a very slick finish that reduces surface tension to create a dirt-repellent finish. Dirt and debris literally slide off, keeping your vehicle cleaner.

Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax makes the paint so slick, you just can't help but touch it! But don't worry. You can wipe away fingerprints and light dust with this high lubricity wax and a soft microfiber towel.

Use Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax as often as desired to enhance and protect the paint finish. It should be used on a clean vehicle. After washing, apply Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax to enhance the shine or to reinforce existing wax. Though Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax can stand on its own, it makes an incredible "wax extender". It bonds well to both waxes and paint sealants, and extends the life of existing paint protection.

All Pinnacle XMT products are developed and tested in the tropical climate of South Florida. Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax is easy to buff out and dries streak-free on all paints, even red and black. Enhanced UVA and UVB absorbers provide outstanding protection from the sun. The VOC compliant formula is environmentally friendly.

Save time on detailing but never skimp on shine or protection. Give your vehicle the excellent protection and deep gloss of real carnauba wax with Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax.

Spray and wipe to apply XMT 360 Spray Wax.
XMT 360 Spray Wax can be used as a stand-alone wax or as a wax booster. Look at those reflections!


Apply Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax by spraying it onto a clean section of paint. Use a folded Cobra Deluxe. Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel to spread the wax over the paint. Flip the towel and buff to a high gloss. Repeat this process until the entire vehicle is waxed. It takes about 10 minutes to wax most vehicles.

64 oz.

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Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax 64 oz.

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Pinnacle XMT 360 Spray Wax 64 oz.