Wurth Car Care Products

Wurth Care Care Products - Wurth is a respected German chemical company that has been supplying products for the worlds best cars for decades. Wurth is making huge inroads into American auto repair, maintenance shops and body shops.

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    Wurth Absobon Cockpit Care 16 oz

    Wurth Absobon Cockpit Care 16 oz.

    Protect your dash with real carnauba wax and Jojoba oils! Wurth Absobon Cockpit Care revives plastic surfaces and protects them with natural carnauba wax and oils with a satin matte gloss. Your interior will smell great and stay cleaner longer with...

    Retail: $22.99
    Retail: $22.99
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  • Wurth Clean Prep

    Wurth Clean Prep

    Here's the heavy-duty, all-purpose cleaner you have been searching for. Wurth Clean Prep is a fast acting cleaner and solvent that will not leave a film residue of any kind. This cleaner will quickly remove wax, tar, gum, grease, paint overspray,...

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  • Wurth Self Etch Primer

    Wurth Self Etch Primer

    Lay the foundation for a beautiful new wheel finish. Wurth Self Etch Primer prepares automotive surfaces for a fresh coat of paint. This fast drying formula has excellent sanding properties and strong adhesion to all metals and other surfaces. Use Wurth...

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