Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner Review & How To


by Mike Phillips

Tested out the Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner and the number one thing I liked about it is that it's both safe and effective on both tires and wheels . Whenever you use a wheel cleaner you need to first know what your wheels are made out of or coated with so you don't pick a wheel cleaner that might damage them. Brake dust is a problem for wheels with disc brakes and it can be very hard to remove, especially if it's baked on. Most wheel cleaners on the market use acid in their formula and acid is very effective at loosening the grip brake-dust has on wheel surfaces. The problem with acid, however, is that it can stain polished aluminum, uncoated non-polished aluminum and magnesium wheels. Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner is non-acid so it can be safely used on all types of wheels.

It's also a great rubber cleaner. Because it's non-acidic, you can wash both your tires and your wheels at the same time without the fear of getting overspray onto the wheel when spraying the tire. This enables you to wash them both at the same time with only one product.

Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner worked great to loosen and remove the blooming off the tire, (that's where the outer surface of the tire turns brown) and easily removed the built-up brake dust and road grime on the wheels as shown in the before and after pictures below.

If you're looking for a safe but high quality tire and wheel cleaner in one product, take the Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner for a test drive.

How To
Here's our test wheel, a polished aluminum wheel with built-up brake dust and road grime.

First I sprayed any loose dirt off the wheel and tires with a strong jet spray of water. Next I sprayed the Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner onto the tire and wheel to allow it to penetrate for few minutes.
After rinsing the tire clean, next I used the Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush to clean behind the wheel in all the hard-to-reach areas. The Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush is easy to bend and shape to fit in tight places.
Then I switched over to a 8" Montana Boar's Hair Wheel Brush to clean the face of the wheel and get into the lug nut receptacles.

After thoroughly agitating the tire and wheel cleaner I then rinsed the cleaning solution off with a strong jet spray of water using a Fire Hose Nozzle with a The Brass Quick Connector and a Single Brass Connector Shut Off Valve.

Because some of the road grime is stubborn, I used a Pinnacle Microfiber Detailing Mitt to further wash the stained portions of the face of the wheel in-between the spokes.

Then I gave the wheel a final wipe and then rinsed the cleaning solution off the tires and wheels to reveal a perfectly clean tire and wheel, ready for a dressing or wheel wax.

There you go, a spotlessly clean tire and wheel!

Then, I treated the tire with Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel.

The finished tire is dark, protected, and looks like new.