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Wolfgang Survive Das Winter Kit

Wolfgang Survive Das Winter Kit

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Now das is good winter protection!

Wolfgang Survive Das Winter Kit makes protecting your car less of a pain in the winter… now das is a relief! Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash provides an enhanced, powerful wash without actually having to wash it off! Use the Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash in collaboration with the Ultra Soft Microfiber Rinseless Wash Mitt. This mitt was designed for rinseless washes, with its long microfibers that pick-up dirt and grime without scratching. The Guzzler Waffle Weave towel by Cobra is made for better absorption with a magnetic surface to attract dirt and lint. Make your next step is the Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. It will change the way you see paint with a liquid gloss sealant that makes your paint color vibrant once again. Use the Foam Wax applicators for a perfectly even amount of product application to your surface. Can’t forget about an ample amount of Cobra Sky Blue Edgeless Polishing Cloth which are woven for polish removal without the fear of marring your clear coat.

Items in this kit:

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant
Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 will alter your perceptions of paint sealants forever. The glossy, liquid-like shimmer enhances all types and colors of paint. No other synthetic wax or paint sealant gives your vehicle the gloss, the depth, and the protection of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. Now with fortified polymer technology, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 is simply the best paint sealant you’ll ever use.

Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash
Wolfgang Über Rinseless Wash is a highly concentrated, viscous liquid that creates 3 gallons of rinse-free wash solution with just one ounce of concentrate. Rinse-free wash? That’s correct! Wolfgang Über Rinseless Wash with its advanced formula enables you to wash your entire vehicle without rinsing it off. This time-saving solution cuts your water usage by 90% while making it possible to wash your car virtually anywhere, including apartment complexes, car shows, and anywhere else that a hose is not available.

Ultra Soft Microfiber Rinseless Wash Mitt
The Ultra Soft Microfiber Rinseless Wash Mitt is the first mitt designed exclusively for use with rinseless washes. The long, soft fibers grab surface dirt and dust while using a rinseless wash to safely remove them from the paint. Due to the super soft microfiber, you do not run the risk of marring the paint with surface debris. Don’t let harsh weather, water restrictions, or a lack of microfiber towels stop you from having the cleanest finish you can.

Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave
The Guzzler features a plush, 80/20 waffle weave that increases its surface area for greater moisture absorption. The towel can absorb 7 times its own weight in water! In fact, this towel is 20% plusher than our other waffle weave towels to give it even an even greater capacity for moisture! It will not scratch any surface and it has a magnetic charge that attracts lint and dirt. This towel will leave the inside and the outside of your vehicle spotless!

Cobra Sky Blue Edgeless Polishing Cloth
The Sky-Blue Microfiber Polishing Cloth is woven specifically for wax and polish removal. It has a soft touch that is extra gentle on sensitive clear coat finishes. Plus, the cloth has no edges, making accidental scratches virtually impossible. Use this cloth the next time you wax your vehicle and I promise you’ll never use anything else.

Foam Wax Applicators
Perhaps the most utilized waxing tool of all times, the traditional foam wax applicator is definitely a staple among the car buff’s arsenal. This durable little guy withstands wax after wax after wax and still delivers unbeatable results.

Kit includes
1 16 oz. Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash
1,16 oz. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant
1 Ultra Soft Microfiber Rinseless Wash Mitt
1 16x24” Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave
6 16x16” Sky Blue Edgeless Polishing Cloth
1 Yellow Foam Wax Applicator

A total retail value of $109.89. Save $29.90!

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Wolfgang Survive Das Winter Kit