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Wheel Wax Extreme Tire Kit

Wheel Wax Extreme Tire KitWheel Wax + Extreme Black Tire Dressing are the ultimate concours combination!

The Wheel Wax Extreme Tire Kit contains two basic necessities of wheel and tire care: Wheel Wax wheel protectant and Wheel Wax Extreme Black Tire Dressing. Used together, both products give your vehicle the rich accent of well-dressed, concours-ready tires and wheels.

When we think of well-detailed tires and wheels, there are two qualities that stand out on show cars. First, the wheels have no brake dust or pitting. They look like they rolled off the pages of Car and Driver magazine at all times.

Secondly, tires have a low-gloss, satin finish that looks more like new tires than dressed tires. This finish enhances the natural look of the rubber, just as car wax enhances the luster of the paint. Get this look with the Wheel Wax Extreme Tire Kit.

The Wheel Wax Extreme Tire Kit helps you achieve concours-ready wheels and tires on your vehicle with two key products:

8 oz. Wheel Wax
Wheel Wax is the original wax modified to protect wheels. It leaves a slick, clear, repellant coating on the wheels that prevents brake dust adhesion and maintains a clean shine. Wheel Wax’s anti-static coating allows brake dust and grime to wash off easily and there is less chance of pitting caused by brake dust. A built-in, non-acid cleaner removes existing brake dust and grime to leave the wheels sparkling. When its time to wash the wheels, car shampoo and water are all you need. You’ll never have to use another caustic wheel cleaner. Wheel Wax is made to be the only product you’ll ever need to apply to your wheels and it works on all types of wheels.

16 oz. Wheel Wax Extreme Black Tire Dressing
Extreme Black leaves what we call a “concours” finish. It’s not greasy, not oily, just a rich, natural-looking sheen that closely replicates new rubber. Extreme Black achieves this because it is water-based, instead of oil-based. The water base allows the dressing’s polymers to bond with the rubber, rather than creating an oily layer on top of the rubber. Extreme Black does not sling and it does not attract dust. The concours formula sinks into the rubber where it hydrates and darkens the tire for a natural-looking, satin finish.

Plus, the Wheel Wax Extreme Kit includes these applicators:

2 Tire Dressing Applicators
These applicators are made of absorbent foam with a finger groove cut around each pad for easy handling with slippery hands. Each pad is double-sided, washable, and reusable.

3.5 x 4.5 inch Deluxe Microfiber Applicator
Apply Wheel Wax using this nonabrasive, washable microfiber applicator pad. The Deluxe Microfiber Applicator is covered in hundreds of loops that gently clean the wheel surface as it spreads a thin, even coat of Wheel Wax.

Wheel Wax and Extreme Black Tire Dressing are a concours winning combination! If you want tires and wheels that accent your vehicle, but that aren’t competing with the paint for attention, you will be very pleased with the Wheel Wax Extreme Tire Kit.

Kit includes:
8 oz. Wheel Wax
16 oz. Extreme Black Tire Dressing
2 Tire Dresssing Applicators
3.5 x 4.5 inch Deluxe Microfiber Applicator

A total retail value of $31.13. Save $6.14!


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