> 32 oz. White Spray Bottle

32 oz. White Spray Bottle

An all purpose sprayer for all your detailing needs.

The 32 oz. White Spray Bottle is perfect for transporting and storing detailing products. Purchase products in gallon or 5 liter sizes and transfer them to these handy bottles for easy application and transport. Save money in the long run.

Pour diluted concentrates into the spray bottle for easy application. Use it for glass cleaners and all purpose cleaners.

You can organize your detailing chemicals by writing the name of the chemical on the bottle.

Choose from the standard, professional grade sprayer or a Spraymaster Lifetime Sprayer for just $1.00 more in the drop-down menu below. The Spraymaster Lifetime Sprayer has a lifetime warranty!

32 oz. White Spray Bottle

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32 oz. White Spray Bottle