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6.5 Inch Lake Country Flat Pads

6.5 Inch Lake Country Flat Pads Back for a limited time! We have a very limited supply of Lake Country's original flat foam pads.

Plus, learn more about Lake Country's Hydro-Tech flat foam pads!

Lake Country Flat Dual Action Foam Pads were the original D.A. pads before the introduction of CCS technology. These flat pads provide full surface contact with the paint, and the same advanced foam compositions as all Lake Country pads. If you’re a fan of the original Lake Country Flat 6.5 inch Pads, take advantage of this very limited opportunity to stock up.

The Lake Country Mfg design team came up with a way of improving upon the 6.5” foam pad – add more Velcro® brand fasteners! The material goes almost the way to the edges of the pad to ensure the most contact between the backing plate and the pad. This gives you the best hold on the pad as you polish. Plus, the increased Velcro® brand hook & loop material means you can use the 6.5” pads with 5” or 6” backing plate. You can even use these pads on your rotary polisher because they accommodate a 6” rotary plate. Our dual action pads are now suitable for both rotary and dual action buffers!

The flat Lake Country Foam Pads provide full contact with the paint surface.An advanced bonding system permanently attaches the hook & loop material to the pad to prevent slipping and detachment. Advanced foam compositions and user-friendly design will make your polishing experience safer for your vehicle and easier for you.

Lake Country Flat Foam Pads are made of imported German foam, and these 6.5” pads have been improved to feature a flat surface. Lake Country pads reduce heat build-up and spontaneous heat transfer between the machine and the pad. More pad-to-paint contact allows you to work more efficiently than you could with variable contact pads. The old pads required the user to apply more pressure in order to flatten the pad against the paint. These new flat pads allow the machine to do all the work for you.

The Lake Country Dual Action 6.5” Pads are available in these types of foam:

Orange Light Cutting Foam 6.5" - Firm, high density foam for scratch and defect removal. Use this pad with polishes and swirl removers. It’s an all around pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.

White Flat Polishing Foam 6.5" - High absorption foam formula for the application of waxes, micro-fine polishes and sealants. This pad has very light cutting power so its perfect for pre-wax cleaners.

Black Finishing Foam 6.5" - Composition is firm enough to withstand added pressure during final finishing to remove buffer swirls. It has no cut and will apply thin, even coats of waxes, sealants, and glazes.

Blue Finessing Foam 6.5” – Flat pad has soft composition for applying glaze, finishing polish, sealants, and liquid waxes. Flat pad provides full contact with paint surface to minimize the pressure applied by the user. Use the blue pad to remove products or for final buffing.

Lake Country' s Hydro-Tech Foam Pads are a type of specialized flat foam pad. These 6.5 inch pads are designed specifically for the application of water-based polishes and compounds. European pre-polymer foam prolongs the working time so you have more time to create a flawless finish. Hydro-Tech Inch Foam Pads are ideal for professional, body shop-safe polishes.

The Lake Country Hydro-Tech 6.5 Inch Foam Pads accomplish defect removal and finishing in just one step. This special foam composition leaves no marring so, even after compounding with the blue cutting pad, the finish is nearly wax-ready. Think of these pads as all-in-one polishing and finishing pads.

Lake Country Hydro-Tech Cyan Advanced Cutting Pad

Cyan Advanced Cutting Foam 6.5” - The blue foam is designed for compounding and swirl removal. This closed cell pre-polymer foam restores oxidized and heavily swirled paint. Looks can be deceiving; the blue pad looks coarse but actually finishes with no marring. You'll achieve an almost wax-ready finish in one step. That's another way the Lake Country Hydro-Tech 6.5 Inch Foam Pads save you time.

The blue cutting foam works well with Menzerna Power Finish PO 203 and Meguiars Ultra-Cut Compound. Both polishes have great cutting power and a clean, glossy finish. Use either polish/pad combo on neglected finishes and watch the paint come to life!


Lake Country Hydro-Tech Tangerine Ultra Polishing Pad

Tangerine Ultra Polishing Foam 6.5” - The tangerine foam is made for light to moderate defect removal and polishing. It has the cutting power just below that of the Lake Country orange light cutting pad, and the tangerine pad leaves a finish like you'd achieve with a black finishing pad.

Use a finishing polish or fine swirl remover to create a deep gloss. Menzerna Super Finish or Wolfgang Finishing Glaze are two excellent choices for this pad.

Lake Country Hydro-Tech Crimson Finishing Pad

Crimson Finishing Foam - The crimson foam is designed to apply waxes, glazes, and sealants in flawless, even coats without causing swirls. The soft foam has very light polishing ability, making it a great choice for cleaner waxes, too. Since the crimson pad is made of Hydro-Tech foam, it does not soak up liquid waxes and paint sealants like some finishing pads can. You'll be able to cover more paint with less product. The crimson pad is a great choice to apply Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0.

For optimum results, it’s best to own each type of pad. Compounding with a yellow or orange pad may slightly rough up the paint. You will need the white pad to refine the paint to its original shine and texture. The black pad will then give you a uniform wax application.

Proper Cleaning- Wash pads by hand using McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Rejuvenator or Snappy Clean Pad Cleaning Powder mixed in 3-4 gallons of water. Agitate foam using a Duo-Spur Pad Cleaning Tool and soak pad for up to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.

Manufactured by Lake Country.
6.5 Inch Orange Light Cutting Flat Pad
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6.5 Inch  White Polishing Flat Pad
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6.5 Inch Gray Finishing Flat Pad
Our Price: $9.99, 3/$27.99
6.5 Inch Blue Finessing Flat Pad
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Lake Country Hydro-Tech 6.5 Inch Foam Pads 3 Pack - Your Choice!
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Lake Country 6.5 FLAT Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!
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Lake Country 6.5 FLAT Pads 12 Pack - Your Choice!
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Porter Cable 7424XP & FLAT Pad Kit - Choose Your Pads! <font color=red>FREE BONUS</font>
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