Vacuums & Blowers..

Are you in the market for a good car vacuum or dryer? You've come to the right place. Car vacuums and blowers are part of a well-equipped garage so, naturally, Autogeek has a huge selection of garage vacs and car dryers. You'll find everything here from Metro Vacuum Cleaner Company, Shop Vac, and our own Autobahn Garage Vacuum.

The top selling Metro Vac N Blo combines the functions of a car vacuum and a car dryer. Metro offers Vac N Blos of all sizes to suit the needs of detailers. Shop Vac is synonymous with clean garages and clean carpets. We have several quality wet/ dry vacuums that will cleanups easy in your home garage, detail shop, and vehicle. The Autobahn Garage Vacuum provides the convenience of a wall mount garage vac with excellent suction and a variety of onboard attachments.

Car vacuums, car dryers, and garage vacs are essential tools for any detailer. Choose from the best by Metro, Shop Vac, and the Autobahn Vac.