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Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash

Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash

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Wash without water and protect with Acrylic Polycharger all in one step!

Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash is an Acrylic Polycharger boosted formula that safely cleans all surfaces without the need for hoses or buckets! Formulated with specialized lubricating agents, Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash encapsulates dirt, bugs, and grime so it is safely and easily wiped from the surface. If you’re in need of a quick wash and protect, but find yourself without water or a hose, Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash is all you need!

Our cars don’t always need a full wash, complete with bucket, hose, wash mitt, drying towel, etc. Sometimes they just need a little waterless wash! Thanks to the ever evolving world of car care, waterless washes have become mainstream. And more than that? They’ve improved! Take Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash – it’s more than just a waterless wash. It’s also boosted with Polycharger Acylic Polymer that creates a hydrophobic slick shield that helps to reduce water spotting, and protect your paint better.
Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash will safely remove dirt and dust from your vehicle and protect with Polycharger - all in just one spray!

Thanks to the lubricant-rich formula, Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash fully encapsulates dirt and dust particles to gently lift them from the surface. This helps to prevent washing-induced swirls and scratches! You want to clean your paint quickly and easily, not create more work for yourself!

When you’re looking for a sparkling clean finish, high shine, and ultra protective abilities, Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash is just what you need!

Directions for use:
  • Lightly mist the surface to be cleaned and gently wipe using a clean and dry microfiber towel. Do not use on hot surfaces.
  • Wipe soaked microfiber towel in a back and forth motion in a small section at a time. Use a second clean and dry microfiber towel to wipe the area dry.
16 oz.

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Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash