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Speed Master Microfiber Towels.

The best in build just became the best in buffing!

Speed Master has been designed and manufacturing professional detailing tools for years! Their detailing tools will greatly help in a wide variety of detailing projects. As we all know, the most used tool in detailing is the microfiber towel. Nearly every detailing job you can think of requires microfiber towels and plenty of them! Speed Master, in their efforts to ensure detailers around the world have access to the best detailing tools possible, released their very own line of microfiber towels!

Speed Master developed a microfiber towel for every detailing job you can think of. From drying your car to buffing off a new ceramic coating, Speed Master has the perfect microfiber towel for the job! Each of their professional grade microfiber towels is woven with the high quality of fabric, ensure not only lasting durability, but also premium results! These towels will be the ones you can turn to time and time again for years to come!

Give your microfiber arsenal the upgrade it needs!