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SnowMover Personal Snowplow

Dig your vehicle out of the snow with your own personal snow plow!

The SnowMover Personal Snowplow moves a tremendous amount of snow with every push! Built like a snowplow, the SnowMover is ergonomically designed to move heavy snow from on and around your vehicle. In just a few minutes, your vehicle will be clear of snow and you'll be on your way!

The SnowMover Personal Snowplow is designed to maximize the force of pushing without requiring a lot of effort. The saw handle allows you to operate the SnowMover from a very natural position, so you're getting the most forward motion from every push, allowing you to plow through heavy snow.

The SnowMover Personal Snowplow is the only snow mover with dense rubber whiskers located under the forward lip of the plow. These rubber bristles ride over protrusions, like roof racks, to prevent a jarring stop when plowing through deep snow. Because the bristles are flexible rubber, they will not damage auto paint.

The SnowMover Personal Snowplow combines a plow, ice scraper, shovel and snow broom. Use the flat edge of the plow to scrape ice. Scoop up the ice or push it off the vehicle. The rubber bristles function as a paint-safe snow broom to whisk away snow, even on glass.

The SnowMover has rubber bristles to gently sweep snow and ice off any surface.

Use the SnowMover Personal Snowplow to quickly push snow off your vehicle's hood, roof, and trunk. The 42 inch reach ensures you won't find yourself arm-deep in snow.

The SnowMover Personal Snowplow is made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality materials. It has a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If the SnowMover breaks for any reason, the manufacturer will replace it!

To take care of all your snow and ice moving needs, get the SnowMover and the IceDozer Plus Ice Scraper. Both tools are built for heavy duty snow and ice removal.

If you live in an area prone to heavy snowfall, you'll get your money's worth with just one use with the SnowMover Personal Snowplow.

28 x 9 x 8.5 inches
Made in U.S.A.

Lifetime Warranty

SnowMover Personal Snowplow

Price: $29.99, 2/$49.99
Item ID: SM-100
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Better than any Snow Broom out there!
I live in an area where massive volumes of snow are a huge problem. As if shoveling the driveway wasn't bad enough, sometimes I also have two feet of snow on top of the car to remove as well. Foam snow brooms just aren't going to move that kind of thing. Brooms in general are a terrible way to do it since they scratch your paint. These days the police are giving tickets for driving with snow all over your car, so it is imperative to have a good snow mover handy. THIS is the tool you want.

It will push any amount of snow right off your car. The rubber bristles on the bottom help keep your paint safe from scratches and also protect your wiper blades and sprayer nozzles on the hood. The handle extends to an impressive reach which allows for snow removal even across the widest of hoods.

I've used my SnowMover for nearly 3 years now with no adverse affect on my vehicles' paint. I expect a little damage during the winter, but what I don't want to see are paint chips, broken wiper blades, broken sprayers, and gouges in the paint. The SnowMover protects me from all of those and makes my driving a lot safer for others. The next time you see a car with a foot of snow on the roof blowing back in your face on the highway, pull them over and tell them to get a SnowMover.
Snow Mover Video
I forgot to post a video!


That is the Snow Mover in action! It is awesome!
Very Good Overall
i bought this because i wanted something that wouldn't leave scratches or swirls on my paint. As far as i can tell, so far so good, but i'll have to wait till Spring for the final verdict. Otherwise, its an excellent tool and seems well made. In heavy, wet snow, at full extension, the Snowmover struggles a bit, which is what you would expect from plastic, even heavy duty plastic. i recommend this item.