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Signature Series II Klasse Kit

Signature Series II really POPS on top of Klasse All In One!

Our hats are off to whoever thought of putting a carnauba wax over Klasse All-In-One acrylic polish. The results are fantastic! But you can’t use just any old wax. It’s got to be one with superior shine and depth, incredible reflections, and warm undertones. It’s got to be Pinnacle Signature Series II!

Signature Series II is an updated formula with more shine-enhancing capabilities and more depth than ever before. It has considerable protective properties by itself but layered over Klasse All-In-One, it really shines! AIO is the only acrylic two-in-one polish you can buy. Combine long-lasting, acrylic protection with the sizzling shine of carnauba and WOW! Your vehicle will have the dramatic finish that can only come from the Signature Series II Klasse Kit.

In the past, Souveran™ was the only choice for layering because its reflective properties far exceeded anything else that was available. While Souveran™ is still the crown jewel of the Pinnacle line, our reformulation of Signature Series has caused us to take another look at its layering potential.

Klasse All In One and Pinnacle Signature Series II are a stunning combination!

Signature Series was reformulated to meet VOC regulations. During a long research process, we found that the depth and clarity of the wax could be greatly improved by adding a specific liquid crystal polymer. Thanks to this technology, Signature Series II produces a deeper, more reflective shine than ever before! The look is so close to that of Souveran™, the untrained eye would be hard-pressed to tell the difference. Signature Series II over All-In-One gives you 95% of the Souveran™ look at 1/3 of the price!

You be the judge. Order the Signature Series II Klasse Kit and follow these instructions: First, wash and dry your vehicle as usual. Apply Klasse All-In-One to the paint surface using the included Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pad. AIO can go on any hard, nonporous surface and it dries clear instantly. Buff with one of the included microfiber towels. Your vehicle should already be looking great. Next, apply Signature Series II with a poly foam applicator pad. Buff with a clean microfiber towel and stand back and admire the shine!

The Signature Series II Klasse Kit includes:

Use Signature Series II as a topper over Klasse All In One Auto Polish.

6 oz. Pinnacle Signature Series II Carnauba Paste Wax
Made to accentuate any paint color, Signature Series II is a carnauba paste wax with real pizzazz! It’s made with Number 1 Brazilian yellow carnauba refined to a clean ivory color. The wax is then blended with sophisticated polymers that increase the depth and dimension of the carnauba. Top your Klasse with Signature Series II to achieve a bright, reflective paint finish that really turns heads!

10 oz. Klasse All-In-One
AIO’s acrylic-based formula revolutionized the two-in-one polish when it was introduced in 1979. Surface-perfecting cleaners remove oxidation, minor swirls, old wax, and other surface blemishes to reveal clean, smooth, vibrant paint. As it polishes, Klasse leaves a tough, acrylic barrier that blocks out pollution and protects the paint against some abrasion. The durable finish lasts for months!

16 oz. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray
Natural carnauba wax gives Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray its distinctive, wet-looking shine. Carnauba, combined with crystalline polymers, creates sharp reflections and silky paint. This state-of-the-art carnauba-polymer matrix also enables Crystal Mist to bond to the existing wax for an instant but long-lasting gloss. On top of Signature Series II Paste Wax, Crystal Mist reactivates the existing wax so you’re not just seeing a surface gloss – you’re seeing the depth and dimension of multiple layers of carnauba.

2 Pinnacle Foam Wax Applicators
The best way to apply wax is with a closed cell soft poly-foam applicator. Foam Wax Applicators will apply wax evenly without creating swirl marks. Applicators can be washed and used again and again

3 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Towels
A tough towel by any standard! But the density of this cloth makes it so supple and completely non-abrasive, that it is safe to use on even the most delicate painted and plastic surfaces. These quality towels have over 200,000 strands of fiber per square inch.

Klasse All In One cleans and perfects the paint prior to a slick, glossy coating of Pinnacle Signature Series II.

1 Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pad
The outer surface of the pad has all the qualities of the finest microfiber material. This gentle, yet strong fabric is wrapped snuggly around a plush, absorbent sponge. The innovative combination of materials causes wax, polish, dressings, and sealants to spread more evenly, resulting in maximum coverage while using less emulsion.

You’ll love the results when you pair Pinnacle Signature Series II with Klasse All-In-One. The deep, glossy shimmer of carnauba and the long-lasting protection of acrylic make a winning combination!

Kit Includes:
6 oz. Pinnacle Signature Series II
10 oz. Klasse All-In-One
16 oz. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray
2 Pinnacle Poly-foam Applicator Pads
3 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Towels
1 Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pad

A total retail value of $106.91. Save $36.92!

For complete Klasse application instructions, please refer to our
Klasse Application Guide .

Signature Series II Klasse Kit

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Signature Series II Klasse Kit