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Shurhold Buff Magic 4 lb.

One step boat compound and polish for OEM applications!

Buff Magic by Shurhold is a versatile metal polish, gelcoat polish, and plastic polish. It contains abrasives that shrink smaller and smaller as you polish, resulting in a very fine finishing polish. Buff Magic is the only metal and multi-surface polish you need to remove scratches and oxidation and restore a glossy finish.

Shurhold Buff Magic's white formula is the preferred choice of OEMs that typically sand to 600-800 grit before polishing. The white formula cuts a little better than the original pink formula.

Shurhold Buff Magic is scientifically blended from jeweler's rouge, the same fine abrasive dust used to polish precious metals. When used on aluminum, chrome, and other metals, Buff Magic removes rust and tarnish and then polishes the surface to a mirror shine. Use it on boat railings and fittings, automotive trim and wheels, RV wheels and trim, gelcoat, Plexiglas, acrylic, and so much more.

Shurhold Buff Magic saves you time and money with its dual purpose compounding and polishing formula. There's no need to switch products to refine the surface. Buff Magic transforms from a compound to a polish with each pass of your applicator or buffer.

Shurhold Buff Magic has been formulated to be user friendly whether buffing by machine or hand. Use a polishing tool, like the Mothers PowerBall Mini MD, for wheels or small metal boat features. To remove scratches from plastic or gel coat, use a dual action polisher, like the Porter Cable 7424 XP.

Shurhold Buff Magic is also an ideal metal cleaner and polisher for steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, gold and other precious metals. Buff Magic is a National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award Winner. Try it on your boat, RV or vehicle!

Buff Magic removes:

Buff Magic is perfect for:

  • oxidation
  • gelcoat staining
  • surface rust
  • tarnish
  • Plexi-glas scratches
  • P800 and finer DA scratches
  • Boats
  • Cars
  • Rv's
  • Pot & Pans
  • Acrylic Tubs & Showers
  • and much more...

Benefits of Buff Magic vs. other compounds:

  • Does not burn or swirl
  • Higher gloss index
  • Reduction in materials used
  • No need to follow behind with second product to remove burns or swirls
  • Cleaner to use vs. other compounds (does not “sling”)
  • Surface may be wiped with acetone or lacquer thinner and swirls and haze do not show back up on buffed surface
  • Fewer passes of buffer to produce shine, less effort and less labor
4 lb.

Shurhold Buff Magic 4 lb.

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Shurhold Buff Magic 4 lb.